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Hey there! I’m Kimesha aka BlaQ Fire. I’m going to send you the Self Realization of a Goddess book real soon, but first I wanted to share something with you regarding my experience in finding my purpose. 

Let me tell you ONE of the ways that I knew my purpose was to teach women empowerment and the power of words.

I found the secret. I found the secret meaning of my name.

Everyone has a secret meaning to their name & knowing yours can change your life dramatically. You may want to learn more about the power of names. Not only your name, but ALL names.

I’m currently offering a download of another Ebook I wrote called “Exposing the Mystery Within Your Names”. and it’s only $5 bucks today.

I highly recommend you download the book in addition to the free book you are getting. It’s going to change the way you think about words and the names of the people coming into your life. 

Order it today by clicking the link below. Enjoy both books.