Words And Sex

“In the beginning was the Word. And the Word with God & the Word was God”. John 1:1. This is one of the most well known and respected verses in the entire bible. From my perspective, it can have the most impact in one’s life if they gain the true innerstanding to its esoteric meaning. If you ask a Christian what it means they will say that Jesus is the Word that was in the beginning, and I agree. However, their understanding of Jesus is from an exoteric perspective and a very much surface level of understanding therefore they may not fully grasp the power of that scripture. That one scripture is telling us that we have the power to create with words.

To attempt to innerstand anything about your own existence, one has to go deeply within themselves and ask an abundance of questions. One would have to question their own method of thinking. That is to use meta-cognitive thinking, which is to think about how you think. It is likely there would be some fighting, arguing & wrestling with SELF just as Jacob wrestled with an angel all night. We need to challenge HOW we think even more than WHAT we think. Challenging my own thought process is what lead me to the path of studying words. Once I discovered etymology I became addicted to it. Etymology, when broken into Etymos and Logy means  “true science” or I would also interpret it as “the science of truth”. Logia, relative to logy, means to speak. So, etymology also means to “speak what is true”.

To study the etymology of English words is great, but it is still on the surface and using exoteric thinking. By exoteric I mean to see only what is in plain sight to see. If we want to understand what is hidden…… hidden in plain sight & in sound then we must listen. Listen = El Is Ten. That is saying God is 10. Ten is also “Q” because a “Q” is a 1 penetrating an 0, which is creation or sex. This is telling us, to listen to God is to listen to creation, or sex. This is when we are going beyond seeing what is in plain sight with etymology. This is what is hidden & cryptic,which means there is hidden meanings in everything we see. Even though I don’t speak other languages I feel confident in saying that this knowledge is very likely hidden in every language. Why? Language is made up of universal symbols.


I began studying words in 2013. This is a picture from my personal journal from 3 years ago. I use to write words down all over the place (I still do). This Greek word “atomos” translates to the English word for Moment. Moment is relative to time. This tells me that both Atoms & Etymos have to do with time & truth. Because etymology is about the origin of words (sound), I can see there is a connection between atoms, sound, time & truth.

Most people do not think too deeply about words. They certainly do not realize that words are simply sounds that we make with our mouth. Many of us have confused the concept of words to mean to speak a particular language & that is not true. Word means to utter, speak or talk. Babies utter sounds. Even though us adults have no clue what they are saying, they are still talking. This is no different than when someone says something to us in a language that we do not understand. They are still speaking words although we don,t understand them. Words are sounds, tones & vibrations and on a deeper level words are logos or symbols. This suggest that words can be quietly spoken as well. Underneath all of these sounds we make daily without even a second thought, there is a universal sound. In my opinion, there is only one language and it is simply sound. Therefore I do not separate languages when I study words. In fact, I try not to separate anything because I learned that everything in the universe is one in the same & it all just appears to look different. There is only vibration. That is how we “exist”. That is how we create our existence. That is how we create our world. That is why I agree that Jesus is the Word that was there in the beginning. Jesus is sound & vibration. To further confirm this, Jesus is called “the son of God”. The Latin word for sound is son. Yes! Jesus is the son of God because Jesus is the sound or vibration of God. Now, what was he in the beginning of? Good question!

The Word that was in the beginning is the sound and vibration of sexual energy. Sexual energy is a creative force and is the beginning & constant creative process. We are continuously creating even as we think and especially when we speak. When we speak, we penetrate each other with thought. That is sex. In regards to creating life itself, we all have a beginning of THIS life. That beginning started when your father penetrated your mother and released a “big bang” or big sound/vibration in her.


The creation of a child is the result of sound, words & vibration. I interpret this as saying that a father released words or a story into the mother via his vibration. The story of the child is created with the vibe of the mothers egg & the fathers sperm mixing together. This is chaos & mixing of languages. Sound familiar?

Also, the exchange of sexual energy is happening when we exchange words with each other & even when we speak to our-self. The words are relaying & relating with one another & we are building a story with our dialogue. This story is happening on seen, but especially unseen levels. Even you reading this right now will have an impact on your subconscious. Because words relate, words link stories together like lego blocks. Once one studies the etymology of words you cant help but notice how many words transition from one language to another and sound very VERY similar. This is how we can know that words relate no different than people. When people sound, look, and behave the same we often wonder if they are related OR they remind us of someone else. So, when we hear certain words they might remind us of other words even if its in a different language.

Here is an example of using SOUND to understand the hidden meaning of words. I learned that vibration has everything to do with the serpent or viper because in the word vibration I hear “Viper Ray Sun”. Viper means snake or serpent. The etymology of viper means to bring forth life. This is why I feel that Jesus, being the Word was there in the beginning because Jesus translates from the Greek word Iesus which sounds like IsIs. IsIs is SS which is two serpents. This is the Caduceus, being the two serpents on a pole which is the symbol for healing.


I hope this blog helped you understand the power of words and HOW they play a role in creating worlds the same way they played a role in creating YOU.


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