You’ve Been Programmed

“I feel stuck”. I hear this a lot. There are many common reasons why you may feel stuck. It is mostly due to the fact that human beings are very much like animals (though we think we are not). We can be trained just like an animal can. We are trained to follow certain orders of society and this is where the feeling of stuck usually stems from. We are told to go to school, get a job, get married, have babies and die. That is the typical life for most of us. It is a box, or for some it’s a cage that we have wandered into and now we are trapped.

I have great news for you. You can turn all of this around just by simply changing your mind. The concept of changing the mind is easy. The execution is not as easy. The only thing that can help ease the execution is knowledge of self. Think about when a salesman approaches you to switch cell phone providers. You don’t want to change. You’ve been with the same company for years. Why change? But then the salesman says “ Did you know that xyz has an unlimited data plan”? Well…. did you know that? No. Maybe, now your mind can be changed. Knowledge does that.

So let’s talk about the 3 reasons you’re stuck and what you can do to breakthrough it.

Number 1: You’re Unaware That You Are Doing Magic

When you develop a daily routine, you are doing magic. Repetition is the magic behind manifestation. Making something appear externally that was internal can happen by way of repetition. It is no different than making a muscle form on the human body. If you repeatedly curl your arm in a particular manner, you will eventually cause a muscle to form. You will see definition and curves in the place where you performed the repetition. The muscle will eventually “freeze” or become stuck. It will become hard. The hardness is an indication that you have been focused on one thing and that you have done something consistently. Being consistent suggest that you have faith in what you are doing. It also suggest that you are in agreement with it. If you were not, why on earth would you continue to do it over and over again?

If this happens within the body, then it also happens in the mind. “As above, so below”. You do magic by building a muscles through your habits and rituals. You are doing a daily ritual and building a muscle when you wake up at the same time every day, take a shower, brush your teeth, get in the car (or bus), go to work, come home, cook dinner, watch TV, scroll social media, fall asleep and then get up and do it all over again the next day. Even if you are not going to a “job” every day it is very likely that you have a ritual. Ritual’s can be good for you. But the question you must ask yourself is “Am I doing this ritual because I am avoiding risk”?

Avoiding Risk

Do you only take a particular route to work because you are avoiding the risk of being late? Are you programmed to go to bed at a certain time because you are avoiding the risk of waking up late? How about your meals?  Eating the the same food all the time can get quite boring too. But maybe you don’t want to risk screwing up dinner? Avoiding risk is common, but you must have balance. If you are ALWAYS avoiding risk then you will live the most boring life ever. And you will eventually find yourself stuck in a routine.

You are magically training your brain to avoid risk. We as humans, are pretty hard wired to do this. There is nothing abnormal about avoiding risk. Risk assumes that there is danger.  But are you confident that you know what danger actually is? Having a metaphysical understanding of danger can help you get unstuck. This is where knowledge of self can assist you.

There is really only one true danger. All perceived danger is an illusion. Pretty much everything that triggers a fear within our psyche is based on ideas that we make up. Meaning that we spend a lot of time being in fear about something that has not actually happened. Even the concept of death is a perceived danger because we are immortal beings. Once you have accepted that you are immortal then there is not much danger or risk left. A closer look at the etymology of danger will help give you insight on what true danger is.

What is danger?

The word danger comes from “Old French dangier “power, power to harm, mastery, authority, control”. It also means jurisdiction. What this tells us is, the only real danger that exist is when we allow others to have mastery and control over our subconscious mind. Hidden in the word danger is the sound “ngr”. “NGR” is actually referring to the darkness or blackness of the subconscious.

Imagine that someone planted an idea in your mind and it became so deeply rooted that you actually came to believe that it is too much risk to take a different route to work. A magician has the power to plant seeds in the mind to the point where you believe that these are your thoughts.  But are they? Are you sure? Perhaps you adopted these thoughts to be principles and manifest as rituals and now you are stuck. There you are taking the same 8 roads to get back and forth to work because you don’t want to risk being late for work. You may only only believe these ideas because you have yet to learn to perform magic on yourself. That is what is dangerous!  What is dangerous and risky is living a life full of someone else’s thoughts. That is what you should be scared of!

How To Be Your Own Magician

Old ideas can be very difficult to uproot. They are like gigantic trees that you have been watering all of your life. It has become a habit, a custom and a ritual to water this tree (idea) everyday. If you are complaining while watering the tree then you are only making it stronger. So what should you do?

I am not suggesting that you start taking different routes to work and showing up late everyday…. then again maybe you should. What I am suggesting is that you perform intentional rituals on yourself. Build a new muscle by doing something different. This may hurt a little bit. But it is the beginning of you getting unstuck. Cook a different type of food. Instead of scrolling social media for hours, do something different like color in a coloring book.

Here is a demonstration of how I knew that I was totally ready to change the ritual and get unstuck. When I was no longer in fear of what would happen if I stayed up until 2am doing what I love to do and risked strolling into work 2 hours late! Yikes! I was supposed to be there at 8am but there I was walking in at 10:30am and not giving a damn about it. Ok. Maybe you don’t want to go this far… but I think you get my point. Everything is illusion except for the risk of your mind being controlled.

Number 2: You’re Afraid To Do Things Alone

Many times we are stuck in these rituals because we are avoiding doing something alone. We want to do something different. We want to travel. We want to go to the beach. We want to go to a comedy show. But we never go because we are scared to do it alone. Some of us are even scared to live alone. On a much deeper level, many of us are scared to be alone…. as in single. The thought of solitude actually scares the crap out of most people . This is usually because we are concerned about how it looks to others. We think people are going to look at us with disgust and say “Ewwww that lady (or guy) is alone at a concert. What a loser in life?” The fear of being alone is why we stay in unhealthy relationships. Being single may appear that we are unwanted. We stay stuck and repeated the same things daily because we are afraid to be alone.

Why Do You Care?

Let me ask you this. What do you think when you see people out alone at an event? Do you think they’re a loser? Why do you even care? It really does not matter what other people think. It only matters what you think. This is why you must assess why you think how you think. Because how you think and judge situations is a direct reflection of how you think about yourself.

If you are stuck and your life has gotten to the point where you are not actually living and enjoying life due to being afraid of what other people may think then you are in danger!

You are living your life according to what other people may think. And do you want to know what’s so crazy about that? You are making it all up. Because you do not know for certain what other’s may think, you write their script into your story. You have assigned them parts in your imaginary play. With that said, you are actually exposing what YOU think. Remember, these are YOUR thoughts that YOU are making up.

Take this moment to self reflect and ask yourself why are you afraid of doing things alone. After you have faced yourself, and became totally honest with yourself, come back and read the rest. I am going to tell you how to change your mentality regarding doing things alone.

You Are Never Alone

Metaphysically, you are never alone. You have millions of cells (souls) within your body. They communicate with you every day all day. They feed you thoughts and you feed them thoughts. These cells (souls) are your ancestors. I call them your “answer stars”. Meaning that, they are the stars that exist in the heavens of the mind and soul. They have all the answers. You are one with the entire infinite intelligence of the cosmos. If you take the time to cultivate a relationship with your own soul then you will find out that you are not alone. Speak to the universe and it will speak back to you. Some people call this prayer.

One of the messages that I was given in a dream right before I kicked off  Self Realization of a Goddess  3 years ago year was this: “Everything you’re about to do, you must do it alone”. I rolled this message around in my head so much until finally one day I had a “aha” moment. I was being told that I had to totally rely on the source within. The source of creative energy which comes from the cosmos is my only true help. Therefore, it may appear that I am doing it alone, but I knew that I was not. I knew that I was being told not to rely on anything external. To do it alone is to do all things with the power of universal law or “God”. Because with God all things are possible. (Matthew 19:26)

With that said, remember that you are never alone. You have an entire army of cells/souls/anceSTARS within you that are ready and able to help get you unstuck. You are full of creative energy. This IS your help.

Number 3: You’ve Bonded Yourself Into A Mental Contract.

This is a subject that I teach during the Self Realization course. Specifically, in the The Magic Of Words class, I teach HOW words cast spells. It is commonly known and accepted that words have the power of spell casting but do we ever consider that we are casting spells upon ourselves? Remember, you are a magician and you haven’t perfected your craft. Thus, you are casting spells all the time without realizing it. That is why  Self Realization is so crucial.

When you tell yourself the same stories over and over again you are creating  a bondage to that story stronger and stronger. Through that bondage, a contract is formed within your own mind. You are the one that is making the story stick which leads to you being stuck. You have convinced your self (your cells) that there is no other way to do “this”.

Remember that the cells within the body are full of creative thought, but if you have created a contract within your mind that says you cannot do A,B, or C then the cells will honor your contract and now you cannot do A,B, or C. You are the chief commander over your cells. Therefore, you have now blocked your own creative energy from flowing with the contract or spell you have cast upon yourself.

The subconscious is very powerful and all knowing. It’s job is to constantly call forth or lured reflections to you so that you may see and correct yourself if you are out of alignment with your true thoughts. If you keep telling yourself that you are stuck and you keep repeating all of the things that you cannot do, then the universe will repeatedly show you the story that you are telling yourself.

Everything you say to yourself is recorded and bound to a contract or a book. It’s the story of you. Think about this. When someone gets arrested it is said that they got “booked”. You get booked because the sentences that you are writing in your mind. Your mind is like an invisible type writer. Consider that the etymology of the word type means to impress. Therefore, as you speak to yourself, you impress these ideas into subconscious mind. If you consistently do this, they will eventually get stuck. This results in you being stuck.

Once again, the answer is changing your mind. Change your narrative. A narrative is the manner in which you “narrate to Eve”. Eve, being the subconscious. The word narrate has the sound of the word “inner” at the front of it letting you know that the narration is occurring on the inside.

So here is how you can change the story. Write a new story. Yes, literally write a new script for your life. Your new script should be full of amazing ideas but also things that you can do NOW. Your new script should be limitless and boundless. You should start with writing down things that you can do that are not on the daily routine. Remember that many of these things you should do alone. You are going to think (feel), write and DO. This process equates to the connection between the spirit, soul, and the body. Doing these three things will touch each part of your existence. Do this until you have accepted that the only danger that exist is the danger of someone else having jurisdiction over your mind. Do it until you accept that you are not alone. (I can’t promise that this one will be easy). And do it until you start seeing pieces of what you wrote show up in your life.

If you need help writing a new script that will motivate you to get unstuck, I offer this service as a one on one session. I can help you build a contract with yourself that holds you accountable and keeps you in alignment with your higher self.

In the meantime, get started and get yourself unstuck.

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