What Is Self Realization?

Self Realization is the journey of remembrance of the inner God self.  As you begin to get an in depth understanding of the laws of the universe and how they incorporate the concept of mirroring,  you will learn what the phrase, “I create my reality” actually means. At it;s deepest level of understanding, it is the self realization to see one’s internal self by looking at their external self. The deeper you go into the concept of creating your reality, the more you’ll began to settle on the idea that everything is mirroring you and vice versa.

Therefore, our entire experience in this body is for the purpose of being able to see our energy manifested and to understand ourselves in the form of a self realizing mirror effect.

The inner goddess can only be birthed and self realized  by way of self reflection. Self reflection require a mirror but not the kind that you are probably thinking. It is the mirror of deep introspective thinking. Because we wrestle with the false ego, most of us have a really hard time seeing ourselves . We need other mirrors in the form of other human beings to show us our self. This process is self realization. The Self Realization Classes goes into much detail about this.

The Self Realization Of Nothing

What if the question isn’t “Who am I?” but “What am I?” What if the answer is nothing and everything at the same time? And what if it’s actually more powerful than knowing who you are?

According to Wikipedia, Self Realization in the Jain philosophy is described as “one of the major per-requisites to attain ultimate enlightenment and liberation. Self-realization means peeling away fabricated layers of own personality to understand the true self and hence the true nature of reality”.

In order for one to come into a place of true self realization one must be willing to see their form or true essence which is actually absolute nothingness. However, we exist in a duality thus we are always birthing our nothingness (thoughts) into something (images). With the power of nothingness we have the ability to exist as the image of God or the universe which is constantly taking shape in many different forms. Self realization is the realization of the universe in its many different forms. The duality of this concept is that it is all actually formless.

The Ego

The ego must be subdued in order to grasp the concept of true self realization. It is the ego or the attachment to the flesh and the senses that makes this task difficult. The ego is attached to the false image of self. The false image of self is merely a copy or an imitation. Thus, we are in a constant war with our counterfeit self. The true self is fearless, unattached and boundless. It is the false self, or the counterfeit that is talking when we are experiencing fear, jealousy, irritation of the mind etc. The understanding of the true self and the false self help us have this self realizing experience and the duality of it.

Remembering Self Realization Via Akashic Records

 This remembering will lead us down a path of coming to an understanding about true universal law within self which is our key to freedom. We have help and inner guidance as we go through this process of remembrance. We are always being pointed towards the akashic records for our healing.  It is our key to freedom because it helps us revolution ourselves from the inside out.

Self realization is bonded tightly to the understanding the metaphysical. In order to overcome the illusion one has to start seeing things from the place of the higher mind verses the lower mind. The lower mind is based on the counterfeit version of self and will forever be in bondage. The counterfeit self is a slave to the material realm.

The purpose of studying metaphysics is to raise the consciousness of the mind to get us out of bondage. Because the higher mind is able to perceive what is said without being said we can now see beyond the veil.  In order to see one’s true self one must go within themselves. Within self is where metaphysics lives. It lives within the mind or the imagination. Every time we close our eyes we are in the metaphysical realm. It is here where we give our minds a chance to have a self realization.

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