What Is Metaphysics?

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What is metaphysics? Most people either have no clue about what it is or they have a huge misunderstanding about it. Some people think its something spooky. Other people think its scientific. Lastly, you have the people that think it’s way too mystical and beyond their level of understanding therefore they are intimidated by it and never even bother trying to understand it. The funniest part of all of this is that it IS spooky. It IS scientific and it IS most definitely mystical. All of these attributes are what make metaphysics so intriguing. Metaphysics is to go beyond what is physical. Simple.

Etymology of metaphysics  Source: etymonline.com


Is Metaphysics Spooky?

The “first cause” of a thing is describing physics or what we call energy. Energy is unseen except through matter. Because it is unseen it becomes very spooky…..well…. for some people. Most people cannot relate to what they cannot see therefore they totally ignore the idea of energy. Also, many people fear what they cannot see or understand which gives them another reason to not bother with it. Most human beings are usually on a daily mission to survive life and cannot fathom why something they cannot see should be given such a priority. It is too much of a mystery and who has time to try to solve life’s mysteries between going to work dropping the children off at school and planning dinner.  Imagine how our life would change if we made metaphysics and Self Realization a priority.

Mystical Metaphysics

What makes it mystical? Many people are generally scared of the dark. I am not talking about being scared to walk into a dark room in their own house. I am saying that most people are scared of the unknown. We are usually  paranoid about secrets and mysterious things…..like the idea of “tomorrow”. Yes… tomorrow is a “mysterious” thing.  To be afraid of what may happen tomorrow is the same as being afraid of the dark. Because we honestly have no clue what is going to happen “tomorrow”. In all honesty, we don’t even know if there is a such thing as tomorrow. Because we don’t know, we assume and we make it up. Since we are making it up, we are actually creating tomorrow. Our fear of not knowing, of darkness, and of ignorance is a powerful creator. We use our magic in ignorance.

Metaphysics & Science

Metaphysics is manipulation of energy which is the power of “making it up”. What we “make up” in the darkest part of our subconscious manipulates this unseen energy. Metaphysics is science. One could debate that metaphysics is not a science at all but I would urge them to look up the etymology of science. The word science means knowledge. The word science can be found in the most controversial,disputed, mythological, astrological, and mysterious book of this lifetime. This book is called the Bible.  Did you think the word science is not in the Bible?  The word science is mentioned a few times. In the New Testament it is the Greek word “gnosis”. The etymology shows us that the Gnostics were believers of the MYSTICAL doctrines. These are the mystery teachings, in other words, the occult. Those that are into the occult have knowledge about The Bible.

Source: etymonline.com


Know Thyself

This tells us that what we normally think of when we hear the word science is just a small fragment of what science actually is. Science is to have knowledge of the unseen “secret” laws of the universe. These laws are what one calls “knowledge of self”. One cannot “know thyself”, claim spiritual enlightenment and yet ignore metaphysics. Knowing thyself includes knowing your purpose which is what gives your life meaning. Knowing thyself is actually knowing the SCIENCE of thyself.

In my opinion, we all have the same question. “What is the meaning of my life?” Having a meaning and purpose for your existence is what brings peace of mind. Without meaning or purpose we wander aimlessly looking for things to fill in our story. If we are not careful we will hand over authority and allow others to create our story for us. Without knowledge of self and purpose, you take the risk of becoming a slave in someone else’s story. In order for you to find your purpose you must first search and know the science of yourself. Of course, you would look within yourself right? But how? Well, the word gnosis, science or knowledge in the Bible has many synonyms attached it. One of them is the word wisdom. You would look for knowledge of self in wisdom.

What’s My Purpose?

You may not think you have one but purpose, goal and aim are all a part of the maturation process for the soul. Purpose was a part of your contract when you came into existence. Coincidentally, the word aim has the same letters as “I am”. In fact, sin is defined as “missing the mark”. The mark is your “I am.” Finding your purpose requires a desire for self-awareness and self-realization. BlaQ Fire Nation defines Self Realization as being able to see and remember yourself clearly. We define realization as “realizing the sun”. The sun is the gold. Therefore, Self Realization is remembering the gold and remembering the goal. 13 steps for Self Realization is taught in the Self Realization Courses. This course will point you towards your “yellow brick road”.

Whether we realize it or not, we are always going through a self-realization process. These steps are necessary in order to come into the power of our “I am” (aim or purpose). This process is based on the 12 stages of the zodiac. The zodiac takes us through a process of death and rebirth. Death and rebirth happens over and over again during our life. As our thoughts change and our perspectives transform, parts of us die and new parts emerge. As Christ said, we must be born again. This means we must go back into the womb. This is where wisdom is. The gold is buried with wisdom and knowledge of yourself is buried…. in the womb.

Divine Feminine Energy & Metaphysics

Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding.” Proverbs 4:7. The interesting thing about wisdom in the Bible is that it is referred to as “she”. No one ever talks about this. Why? Divine Feminine Energy within the universe is hidden. There is a legitimate reason for this that goes beyond patriarchy and misogyny as some might say. Either way, one must be baptized in the knowing of the cosmic womb in order to “dig up” their true self and to truly be spiritually enlightened . The word wisdom is secretly showing us that it has to do with the womb. It has the word womb hidden in it. Understanding the magic and power of words enables us to see this. Visit my YouTube channel Word Magic With BlaQ Fire for more on this.

The mother aspect of the universe represents everything that metaphysics is. “She” is what is behind the veil and she is the secret. Feminine energy speaks in signs, symbols, dreams etc. Feminine energy is where the magic happens. It is like the wiring in the walls of a beautiful house that no one notices because it is unseen. It is the feminine energy which will help give you directions on finding your purpose. With that said, in order to find your big box of gold, you are going to have to dig deep inside of her (your subconscious).

Self Realization

As you can see, finding your purpose requires a commitment to only one thing. That is understanding the metaphysics of yourself. If you are serious about learning the laws of the universe, self-realization, and metaphysics then you should register for the Self Realization Courses.  If you are not quite ready for the course, make sure you subscribe to our email list and get the Self Realization EBook free.

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