This article will give you a glimpse into the world of a metaphysical minister. It will also help you understand what being an ordained Metaphysical Minister entails.

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I decided to write this article because an online digital magazine called Mystic Mag reached out to me and asked for an interview. I was delighted to hop on a zoom call and discuss my profession with Sarah Kirkon, my interviewer. 

We talked about such things as how I define a Goddess, how does one gain knowledge of self, the significance of the number 13 and my role as a Metaphysical Minister. 

You can read that full article here: Goddess Only Knows



What Does A Metaphysical Minister Teach?

A minister should be flexible and free, as they travel to where they are called to go.  Since graduating with a Masters degree in metaphysics from University of Metaphysics in 2018, I have traveled to different many cities teaching and preaching the good news. What’s the good news? You are the creator of your reality. And that’s GREAT news! LOL!

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I am not preaching or teaching in the same exact manner as your typical Reverend. I am helping others see the spirit of Christ as themself and within themself.  I help others reconnect with the creative force of the universe that designs their life. 

As a Metaphysical Minister and a metaphysical Christian, I incorporate the Bible into my teachings a lot. I believe that I would not have been told in a dream to “go teach about Jesus”, if I were not supposed to incorporate those teachings into my ministry. 

Most Metaphysical Ministers incorporate all types of spiritual doctrines into their teachings. This is because at some point, we recognize oneness. Meaning, we recognize that all of the teachings will lead us back to the same place: self. 

To give you more insight on what it is to be a metaphysical minister, consider that when I graduated from University of Metaphysics in 2018, I signed a vow.  I also took a verbal oath. 


Metaphysical Ministers Vow To Help Humanity

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My vow and oath included these things and more:

  •   help the people remember their strength, and not allow them to be weak.
  • help the people remember the God force within is more powerful than our fears.
  •   help people know that the universal law of abundance will always provide for us.
  • Teach them that the creator is good ALL THE TIME! Even when things are falling apart, they are coming together. 
Because I took this oath, I have to be the first example of what that looks like.  This is why I always tell the Self Realization students, I am the first testimonial of what changing your mind can do. 
A metaphysical minister is a leader on the spiritual front line. They should strive to be a great example of somone who truly knows oneness with God.
Self Realization Class

Metaphysical Ministers Hold Themselves Accountable

A Metaphysical Minister must practice what they preach as much as possible. Being a walking hypocrite is not pleasurable for the soul.
Because I haven’t MASTERED everything I teach and speak on, this forces me constantly work on my own self development.  I am always looking for opportunities to apply what I offer to others, to myself.
For anyone who is reading this and aspires to be a Metaphysical Minister or any type of spiritual leader, I will give you the same advice I give myself and my students. 
Stay in the NOW as this is the presence of God and the SAFEST place to mentally be.  Forgive yourself with ease and grace and do your best to be as authentic as possible.
Ministering and counseling others takes a lot of courage, faith, and boldness. Because you will be looked at and measured to see if you are living up to what you teach. 
I am proud to say that being a Metaphysical Minister automatically comes with a high degree of self accountability.  And this is exactly what the world needs more of. 
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