Should a man trust his woman’s intuition?

Fellas! This question is for you. Has this ever happened to you? You wake up and your woman is already up. She’s staring at you with the cold stone face? 

How about this? You are about to make some type of business move & your woman advises you against it. She doesn’t say why. She can’t give you a clear, logical explanation for why you shouldn’t do it. In this case, she just knows it doesn’t feel right. 

How about your mom or grandma? Have they ever warned you about a woman you were dating? She might have said something like “you better be careful with that one”. 

How do you respond to these things? Do you ignore her or do you take it into consideration? Do you trust her intuition?


Let’s go a layer deeper with this. Let’s say that you are married but you have been spending time with another woman at work. You go to lunch with her daily & even hang out with her for a happy hour drink sometimes. 

And then you start developing feelings for this woman. You even begin fantasizing about her. One night your wife wakes up from a dream of you kissing another woman and taking her blouse off. Your wife tells you her dream & asks you are you seeing someone else? She also asks you if you’re interested in sleeping with someone else. How do you answer? 

You can keep this answer between you and God. I want to share what happens when you respond by trying to discredit a woman’s spiritual antenna & connection to you. It is likely that you chose your woman because you felt you could trust her with your life. 

But in this scenario, it is possible that you might cripple yourself by gaslighting her. If you attempt to make her feel crazy for putting value in her dream which you knew had some truth to it, you are doing a disservice to yourself.


It is in a woman’s divine nature to lean more on her emotions than her logic. This is not applicable to all women because some women are more masculine in their thought processes. But women who are highly tapped into their emotions can feel their way through life. Many women deny their intuitive feelings because it is usually written off by others as craziness, insecurities, overthinking etc. 

But when she allows herself to trust, she can see what is not yet seen & hear what is unspoken. In my blog, What is Metaphysics, I touch on the connection between feminine energy and how it’s related to seeing signs, symbols, dreams etc.  Because the woman has this connection, she is the protection for the man. Unfortunately, some men fear this aspect of her.  So they will make her question her own intuition & psychic abilities. He doesn’t realize he is self-sabotaging his protection. Not only is he hurting himself by denying that her visions and dreams are true, he is also hurting his future self. 

I say this because this damage to her psyche can last for multiple generations. If she allows him to plant seeds of doubt about her spiritual connection, it will be passed down for multiple generations. Therefore, her future self will not be available to spiritually assist his future self because of the seed of doubt which was planted in her many generations ago. 

Intuition, wisdom and spiritual guidance from women is ancient. Let’s look at some examples. 

3 Examples of Trusting Women’s Intuition & Wisdom in the Bible.


One type of intuition & spiritual connection that many women experience is through their dreams. Some people have a difficult time remembering their dreams, but many women have a divine connection. Have you ever heard the phrase “when a woman dreams of fish that means someone’s pregnant?” We hear things like this & we assume these are simply old wives tales. But women have been tapping into the dream world for messages from the divine since forever. 

Here’s a scripture confirming a spiritual prophetic download from a dream. 

Matthew 27: 19 Don’t have anything to do with that innocent man, for I have suffered a great deal today in a dream because of him.”. 

If you read the context around this scripture, you will see that Pilates took heed to his wife’s advice. He trusted his woman’s intuition and he literally washed his hands of the situation. He wanted to have nothing to do with the death of Jesus. 

The Right Hand “Man”

This scripture is showing us who sits at the right hand of the King. 

1 KIngs 2:19 He had a throne brought for the king’s mother, and she sat down at his right hand.

The etymology of right-hand says “ Figurative for “indispensable person,”.The King’s mother is his “right-hand man” which is his most trusted advisor & confidant.  Whoever is sitting at the right hand of a King should be able to provide a nondisposable spiritual gift. In this case, it is the wisdom of his mother. 


Proverbs 31:1 The words of king  Lemuel, the prophecy that his mother taught him. What, my son? and what,  the son of my womb? And what, the son of my vows? Give not thy strength unto women, Nor thy ways to that which destroyeth kings.

His mother is not only giving him wisdom, but she is also speaking to him prophetically. She is speaking of what will happen to him in the future. The word prophecy in this scripture also means oracle. His mother is the oracle. She is warning him about losing his status as King by giving his strength to women. His strength is his semen, which is his creative life force. 

The entire book of proverbs is a book of wisdom. Wisdom is described as a feminine attribute in the bible. Also, the word “womb” is hidden in the word wisdom. The womb is where all the esoteric & mystical knowledge is held. It is where physical creation takes place. This is why it makes the most sense for women to be able to tap into the secret mysteries of the unknown. The entire creation process happens inside of them. 

Conclusion About Trusting A Woman’s Intuition

Conclusion: A man should not only trust in his woman’s intuition and spiritual gifts, but he should encourage it. If a woman is able to see some of his “bad” behavior he should confess it as true. Diluting any woman’s connection to spirit because she is able to see you in ways that you can not see yourself will only cause you more harm. 

As a King, you should help her enhance her gifts. You were sent to her to help her remember her oneness with Mother Nature. Here are a few ways you can assist her.

If she’s a dreamer, buy her some dream-enhancing tea.

Is she telepathic? Play a game and have her try to guess a number that you’re thinking.

For prophecy, encourage her to guess who will win a basketball game.

Lastly, remember this: When a man releases his bodily fluids into a woman, he has put his thoughts inside of her. This is the easiest way for her to read a man. She can now hear him, see him and feel him beyond this 3D realm. Your seed is you. Don’t take this lightly. 

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