One day, back when I was a devout and zealous Christian, I found myself in my best friends kitchen having a conversation about Jesus. My best friend is very anti religion and more pro “spirituality” than anything. As I stood there at her dining room table trying to tell her about my love for Jesus, she could not help but to ask me if she would go to hell for being a nonbeliever. Of course, I explained that yes, she would certainly be going to hell if she did not recognize that Jesus is her only Lord and Savior from the pits of hell. Then she proceeded to plant a tiny seed in the soil of my mind which I never forgot. I always manage to come back to this very question she asked me. She looked at me, took a swig of her white wine and asked me, in a very nonjudgmental way, “So you only get one chance to choose the right God or you’re going to burn in hell for eternity?” How could I respond except to say “Well yea…..duh!” Then she continued on to rip “God” apart and talked about how cruel and unjust that is and asked why would a person even want a God like that. She said that my God was unmerciful.I was hurt. (Don”t worry. We are still great friends.) I remember just sitting there feeling like “hmmmm…..”. That”s the best way to describe how I felt. Because honestly, I knew in my heart that I agreed with her.


The Lord is merciful. The Bible says this is so. Psalm 103:8 The LORD is merciful and gracious, slow to anger, and plenteous in mercy. The Bible tells us multiple times that God or the Lord is Merciful. If this is true, then why would God only give us one chance to repent, return to “him” and get our life perfect?  This makes no sense and I finally accepted that it didn’t make sense much further down my path of knowledge of self. As I got deeper down the rabbit hole within knowledge of self, I learned that we create each life with a thought or an idea. This is why the term we use to describe pregnancy is called CONCEPTION.

How can we be so sure that we reincarnate? Let us dig into some of the words associated with reincarnation. A quick google search showed me that reincarnation can be defined as “the rebirth of a soul in a new body.” A rebirth is a renovation. The etymology of renovation says  “spiritual rebirth,” and also “rebuilding”. This suggest that the purpose of reincarnation is to rebuild the soul. Another word for this is metempsychosis which means to change the soul into a new body. When we are talking about the soul we are also talking about the mind as these words are interchangeable via the word psyche. This is how we can know reincarnation is happening within conception  because it is relative to the thoughts stored in the mind, spirit, heart and soul. Another way we can know that it is happening at conception is hidden in the word renOVAtion itself.  The word ova in renovate means eggs. Renovation is phonetically “renovate sun.” That is to renovate or rebuild the soul which is also the mind. To reincarnate is to rebuild yourself.

Reincarnation is a cycle of life and death. The word cycle is phonetically psyche & El. That is showing us that the mind of God operates on a law of cycles. It is the cycle of  birth, live, die, repeat. The sun follows this pattern and so does the sleep and awake pattern in our daily lives. We rebirth ourselves through the cycle of life and death using the power of the mind. The ALL or what some call God is the eternal MIND. The mind is likened to a computer system which is storing memories, thoughts, ideas and concepts.

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The etymology of the word incarnation points us back to Christ. It says “embodiment of God in the person of Christ, act of being made flesh”. To really gain an understanding of what this is saying, one would have to know what a person is. Not only is the word person phonetically telling you that it is talking about the sun (per & sun), which is the soul, but the etymology tells you that the word person comes from the word persona which means a false face. Even in law a person is a corporation. There is nothing real about a person because it is a fictitious character.

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Basically,the word  incarnation is saying that it means to embody what God is by being made flesh through the fictitious character of Christ. I wont have time to get into what Christ is but if you want to look deeper into this I suggest you read my other blog “Isis and Your DNA”   . Christ is your DNA.


What does all this have to do with karma and/or revenge? Revenge is happening through your genes. How can we tell? The word gene is hidden in the word revenge. To revenge is to regene by the power of Eve. Eve is the mother of all things living, being the subconscious mind. Again, everything is going back to the mind, to the conceptions. Conceptions take place via the marrying or merging of the menses and semen. If we look closely at these words we can see that they are the same word. These words are hidden in the name of a goddess that represents revenge. She is nemesis . Her name etymologically means “Greek goddess of vengeance, personification of divine wrath,”. The etymology says “from Greek nemesis “just indignation, righteous anger,” literally “distribution” (of what is due), related to nemein “distribute, allot, apportion one’s due”. This word is showing us that revenge is taking place within the conception of our being by way of semen and menses. This is the revenge of your thoughts. They always come back. Thoughts birth and manifest as matter.

Going back to the beginning of the blog, we should now know God is indeed merciful and God is just. We get plenty of do overs. God is so fair that it is operating on a principle that says you will ultimately judge, rebirth, and rebuild yourself all based on your own thoughts. Now, if that is not a fair deal I don’t know what is! So choose your thoughts wisely.

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