Deyona Moore

Honestly, where do I began to express how the Self Realization of a Goddess training has changed my life. It has showed me how powerful I am and how powerful my I AM is! As woman, we go through so much in life that depletes us and tear us down to where we began to feel less than. After spending one weekend with Blaqfire I learned that how to mind my own damn business! And that is to govern my ment by paying attention to what I think and say because I am The creator of my Life! Words are very magical and can build or destroy depending on how they are used. I learned that I am a queen and my womb is full of precious jewels that can create anything I put my energy into! I hear people throw around self love and loving yourself, but I honestly wonder how many woman really know what it is to have true love of self because I thought I know until I met Blaqfire. I’ve gained a sense of self worth but on like a next level type situation and it propelled my self love journey leap years ahead! I recommend every women to take this course or whatever she is offering!  I promise you will not be disappointed!

Thanks Blaqfire!