Super Hero Costa Rica Package

Self Realization Of A Goddess

+ 7 Days In Costa Rica

4/20/2019- 4/27/2019




The Self Realization Of A Goddess 13 week Course is going to help you awaken the hero within. If you dedicate at least one season’s worth of time to yourself then you can apply your hero in all that you do. The first step to awakening the hero is having the courage to chose yourself. With that comes self motivation, confidence and the pursuit of one’s life’s purpose. What is in your way of finding your hero in this very moment? I bet you think it’s lack of something? Lack of confidence? Lack of money? Lack of time? Well it’s none of those things. It’s lack of knowledge of self and universal law. If you think there is a lack then that is the very reason you should take the course.

Classes Begin 10/10/18

All For Only $800 or $830 4 Step Easy Payment Plan

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All For Only $800

  • 12 weeks of live online Self Realization Of A Goddess classes

    • 20 Hours of content + 7 Days in Cost Rica Including Self Realization Workshops.
  • 13th Bonus Class: Mystical Etymology: Why your name and natal chart matter
    • Includes Free EBook Download Exposing The Mystery Within Your Names
  • Graduation Crowning Ceremony in Costa Rica   4/20/2019-4/27/2019
  • Invitation to BlaQ Fire Nation Alumni (10% off any product or service & feature on my website)
  • Three One Hour Personal Self Realization Session
  • All Lodging, Transportation, Breakfast and Graduation Ceremony Dinner is included
  • Crown and Certification signed by BlaQ Fire Nation

We Will Get To Experience A Resort That Grows Their Own Food

See The Lodging Tour Here Lodging

$800 or $830 4 Step Easy Payment Plan

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  • Not ready to go ziplining with us in Costa Rica? You Deserve The Online Hero Package

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