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 This topic of the devil is always hushed and ran from. That is projection of fear. When you operate under the influence of fear, then you are already being conquered by your own inner devil. The devil is in everything you can physically see, including your self.  When you are scared or fearful of anything you see with your two eyes then you are operating as your own devil. For more understanding on how the devil is in everything you see, click here:

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I received a lot of feedback on my most recent blog “The Devil and your Brain”. I was even invited to speak about it on a blog talk radio. You can click here to listen: . There is so much I could say about this topic therefore it was requested that I do another part. In this part, I am going to talk more about how God and devil are a mirror therefore they are the same. If we can see that everything is the same, then we will become closer to understanding our own existence. Because at the end of all this, it is about understanding your self. These characters we label as god or devil are simply misunderstood aspects of our self.

Most people say the devil is evil. That makes sense, the word evil is in devil. But what is evil? Why do we describe acts as being evil? How do we determine what is good and what is evil? Usually, we use our emotions and our own personal experiences to choose what is evil. This is the effect of individuality and that is quite ok. However, there is more to this good and evil or god and devil ideology than we think. What if we need evil in order to see our reflection? What is evil is necessary to bring us closer to our god self? Lets talk about this.

The word evil is revealing to us that we should look in a mirror to understand what is TRULY evil. A mirrored image turns right into left and left into right. It makes the opposing image its opposite or adversary.  Now, apply that to the word evil in a mirror and there you will find your answer. Let me save you some time so you don’t have to go looking for a paper, pen and mirror. Evil backwards is live. Do you need more confirmation that evil is live? The etymology of evil shows us that evil was spelled efyl  in Old English. Read it backwards and its lyfe which is phonetically life. Therefore life or live is evil. Or, we can look at it like evil is the adversary (reflection) of live. So now we must ask what is live? Or shall we say “who” is live?

Eve, the biblical character, means live. And Adam called his wife’s name Eve; because she was the mother of all living. Gen 3:20. Eve is the mother of all living. However I am not talking about a physical person called Eve, I am metaphysically talking about darkness. Eve is darkness. Darkness is the mother, source and origin of all things living. Is the source of a thing also the living thing? Is the unseen the seen?  This is like asking is the energy in the wiring behind the walls in a house the lighting itself? Yes! They are the same but they function differently and have different purposes. Ask yourself is air also ice? If an ice-cube can melt and evaporate into air, is it still an ice-cube? Yes! The ice-cube has morphed and changed form so we give it a different name but it still has the same elemental properties. This is what god and devil is. It is the source and the witness to the source. It is the source and its image in physical form. Think about how water can appear and change from a gas to a liquid to a solid. First it is unseen, then it is seen. It is double, diablos, duality, devil. God is deuce. God is two.

Our existence is likened to water. Water is a natural mirror. Water is everything. The word water is also mater or matter which is also mother. The mother, being darkness is source of all things living and is similar to a dark mirror. She is the power of the unseen. The dark mirror births the intentions, thoughts, and emotions of what is in its mirror into a reality we call light.  For further confirmation that the mother is a dark mirror, let us look at the word mere which sounds like mirror. The etymology of mere is sea, ocean, lake, or pool. Clearly, we must be talking about water. The word mere phonetically sounds like Mary. Mary is pointing us back to a mother figure which is darkness.

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Throughout time, we have been taught to be scared of darkness, scared of evil, and scared of the devil with no understanding that the devil or what is evil is simply what the mother of all living has birthed from her dark mirror. Evil is live backward, a reflection of itself. Whatever you birth in your reality is your reflection. There is no imaginary being picking on you and making life harder for you. You are creating all of your experiences via the dark mirror of your inner self. Mother Nature is not biased and operates as a computer program some like to call the matrix. She is the zero which birthed all and separates none. She sees nothing as good or evil. She is the all seeing eye which sees things as  just “is” because just” is” is what God “is”. Did you follow that? God”is” just “is” which is Justice. God is Justice.

In all actuality, if you want to label something as a devil, it should probably be mother nature. She is the maTRICKS and the queen of all tricks. The trick that she plays is called duality, or what I call DUAL LIGHT. If we break up word the word women, it tells us that she is the true devil. The letter “W” is pronounced double you. Double is diablos which is devil. The word omen in Hebrew means truth. Therefore, the word women can be interpreted as “you true devil”.  Also, the word Devi in Sanskrit means goddess. She is the womb, the dark hole, or the dark water that is the source of our duality. She is the source of the light that I wrote about in the blog “The Devil and your Brain”. She is energy without bias and duplicates what is unseen. She is the veil, which is also the word evil. The veil is covering of the unseen. Some might say she is EVEL. Eve and El can be interpreted as the God of Darkness. She is dual and that is why the word she has he within it, female has male in it, and woman has man in it. Everything is her which is why the word EVE is within the word EVErything and EVEr. Every thing is really every thinK. We are constantly birthing our thoughts, emotions and intentions . However, we are not honest with our self so when that thought becomes a reality in our life we do not recognize it.  Click here for more understanding of this:


We blame our adversary, when all the while we are always our own adversary. Everything is a mirror. The matrix is only showing you yourself in her mirror. She is showing you what you are, and what you are not, your strength and your weakness, your lies and your truths, your fears and your courage. It is the mirror that creates the duality and that is why she is the true devil.

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