Find The Hidden Meaning Of Your Name

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All truths about life are hidden in the unseen shadow self. A metaphysician is likened to a doctor of what is unseen. A meta-physician can reveal parts of your dark shadow self. These are the parts that usually need the most healing but also may reveal hidden gifts, talents, and your life’s purpose.

BlaQ Fire Nation services will assist you by providing a 2-5 page report on such things such as your name, birth date and dreams. We also offer one on one metaphysical counseling which focuses on shadow work, self realization and getting to the root of deep seeded issues that may be embedded in your DNA.

The purpose of all of these services are for spiritual healing of DNA &  remembering the power of “I Am”.

Name Interpretation

Receive a written report revealing hidden messages within your name which may tell you about your life’s purpose, what you are here to learn & what you are to conquer within yourself.

It can reveal the impact you are to have on yourself as well as others. This is a full 3-4 page written report which will give at least 2 different interpretations of each name. Each additional name is $12.