Self Realization Session

BlaQ Fire is an Ordained Metaphysical Minister and a Certified Spiritual Counselor with a Masters Degree in Metaphysical Science.  She specializes in assisting people with Self Realization. 

Self Realization is a spiritual and mental healing process which can help you get to the root of your issues by deep introspective self reflecting. As a Spiritual Counselor, BlaQ Fire involves concepts pertaining to the universe and uses them to aid in the remembrance of our connection to the divine source of oneness. This service is offered from 3 different perspectives.


  • Self Realization Decoding Session: A one hour decoding session includes a verbal analysis of your name, birth date, dreams, other peoples names or circumstances around you which reveal lessons from the universe within. A decoding session can help you figure out what a particular person or circumstance is teaching you. We will uncover, how your life’s circumstances are leading you into oneness with yourself.


  • Self Realization Contract Building:  Are you having a hard time committing to yourself? We will develop a plan that will help you stay focused on your I AM. Writing things down is a step towards manifestation. Therefore, building a written business plan & contract with your self can help accomplish and stay focused on internal goals.


  • General Self Realization Session: Self reflecting requires relentlessly following our own internal thought process and being brutally honest with ourselves. Sometimes we need a partner to assist us with this. Quite often, we don’t know what questions to ask or how to ask them. A general Self Realization session can help you get to the root of your “why’s”. Once you find the root, a plan will be offered so that you can work on healing from the inside out.


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