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About BlaQ Fire

BlaQ Fire is an ordained Metaphysical Minister based out of Philadelphia. She teaches metaphysics and universal principles since 2013.  Her expertise is in feminine energy as well as the mystical essence and power of words.

What Does BlaQ Fire Nation Teach?

Reverend BlaQ Fire is the creator and teacher of the Self Realization Of Goddess 13 step course.  BlaQ Fire Nation uses spiritual motivation and the laws of the universe to assist others in pursuing their purpose and realizing their true self . We especially  focus on giving guidance, understanding & remembrance to the feminine energy of God.

The mission of BlaQ Fire Nation is to promote our birth right to self love, self care, self realization, self accountability and most importantly the all encompassing philosophy of “Know Thy Self”.

I wonder how many woman really know what it is to have true love of self because I thought I knew until I met Blaqfire. I've gained a sense of self worth but on a next level type of situation and it propelled my self love journey leap years ahead!
Deyona L.Y.F Line Coaching &Training
Deyona Moore
Self Realization Student

Is Reincarnation Real

Is Reincarnation Real? Check out the YouTube video if you prefer to listen.   Is reincarnation real? I have been challenged on the concept of

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