Self Realization Of A Goddess Retreat

self realization Of A Goddess Retreat
4 Days In Blue Ridge Mountains GA

Self Realization of a Goddess is

“”Getting Your Wings”

from $1150

4 Days  | 5/12/21 – 5/16/21

Getting Your Wings
4 Days In Blue Ridge Mountain Georgia 5/12/21 - 5/16/21

From $1150
*Payment Plan Available*

The Self Realization Of A Goddess 13 week Course is going to help you awaken the goddess within. The virtual online course promotes the courage to fly. The goal is to assist you in getting your wings. Because you will be learning about universal law, you will gain the confidence to walk firmly in who you say you are.

Completion of the 13 week course is required to participate in the crowning ceremony which takes place during the 4 day retreat . While in Blue Ridge we will be participating in activities such as zip-lining, horseback riding, shooting a pistol, crystal digging and much more.

This trip includes housing and transportation to and from all pre-planned activities. It also includes a daily breakfast and dinner. Any other meals are out of pocket. We will also be doing workshops which include dream interpretation, self activation activities, money manifesting class, astrology workshop, waist bead ritual and more. 

2020 is the year of perfect vision. This is the perfect time for resurrecting the inner goddess an getting your wings. The first step towards accomplishing this is having the courage to chose yourself. With that comes self motivation, self realization and the pursuit of one’s  divine purpose. It’s time to get your wings.

Please keep in mind that space is limited. BlaQ Fire Nation is only traveling with 5 others.

13 virtual Self Realization Classes. This is over 20 hours of content regarding self realization, knowledge of self, law of attraction, karma, manifestation, mirroring, womb science, spiritual maturity and self accountability. 

Transportation to and from all pre-planned group activities.

Crowning Celebration and Ceremony including dinner and wine.

 Housing in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Breakfast and dinner included. Mostly vegan/vegetarian.


 Heal Thy heart. 3 personal one on one Self Realization Sessions. Daily workshops during the 4 Day Retreat. Workshops include, manifestation activities,  dream analysis, astrology workshop, money manifesting class and waist bead ritual.

Self realization of a Goddess Retreat
4 Days In Blue Ridge Mountains
5/12/21 - 5/16/21
From $1150
**Payment Plan Available**

It's time to get your wings.