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A Self Realized Woman
Is A
Free Woman

Self Realization Of A Goddess Summer Tour

Learn The Laws Of The Universe And Gain The Confidence To Walk In Your Purpose.

Philadelphia, PA 5/23

Long Beach, CA 6/6

Dallas, TX 6/20

Las Vegas, NV 7/11

New York, NY 7/18

Capital Heights, MD 8/1

Atlanta, GA 8/15

Savannah, GA 8/29

Self Realization

The Self Realization Class is a brief version of the 13 week online course. The class will assist you in learning how to face your own reflection through teaching the metaphysics of the mirror and shadow work. In addition, this class helps you in getting to the root of your false self so that you will have the courage to awaken your true self, your hero. The overall goal is to help every woman heal and walk confidently in their "I AM".

The Womb

BlaQ Fire teaches metaphysics, the Law of Attraction and the Laws Of The Universe in a very unique way. She uses the connection between the womb and words to help us understand how we attract and manifest. This class will help us understand our wombs in a way that encourages us to accept the spiritual power of choice that comes with it. It teaches us the power of self realization and sovereignty.

Goddess Energy

Learn about feminine energy in a way that will help you heal old wounds, forgive and practice self love. This class teaches about metaphysics while giving us a deeper understanding of feminine energy and matriarchy. The class focuses on understanding the Mother God as feminine energy which reduces the mentality of lack or limitation. Embracing the mother aspect of the universe awakens a sense of freedom.

Power Of Words

Do positive affirmations actually work? They do! The Self Realization Class teaches about the power of words by bridging feminine power with the energy of "I AM". You will see and learn the mystical nature of words, etymology, spells, and magic as they are are all tied to divine feminine energy. You will learn the magic of having true confidence in what you speak.

Awaken Your Inner Hero

Forget not the law of thy mother. Proverbs 1:8