Self Realization Resurrection Of The Goddess Retreat

Resurrection Of The Goddess Retreat 7 Days In Egypt

Come join us in a Magical Mystery Tour of Luxor, Egypt. “All glory comes from visiting Luxor”

from $1100

7 Days  | 4/18/20 – 4/25/20

Resurrection Of The Goddess Retreat
7 Days In Egypt 4/18/20 - 4/25/20

From $1100
*Payment Plan Available*

The Self Realization Of A Goddess 13 week Course is going to help you awaken the goddess within. The Self Realization Course promotes the courage which is needed to apply your inner goddess in all that you do. Because you will be learning about universal law, you will gain the confidence to walk firmly in who you say you are.

Completion of the 13 week course is required for an invitation to the Goddess retreat in Egypt. While there, we will visit several temples and learn about many of the most famous goddesses in all of Egyptian history. We will visit a minimum of 6 sites. This trip includes visitation to the Temple of Hatshepsut, The Valley of the King and Queens, Karnak Temples, Luxor Temples, Luxor Museum, a crowning ceremony and sunset felucca ride on the Nile, an option to visit The Temple of Het Heru (Hathor) in Dendara and Abydos, and much more.

This trip also includes housing and transportation to and from airport as well as to and from all pre-planned activities. It includes a daily breakfast. Lunch is included with the visits to the temples. All other meals are out of pocket. We will also be doing workshops which include dream interpretation, manifestation activities, and increasing faith in universal law.

2020 is the year of perfect vision. This is the perfect time for resurrecting the inner goddess. The first step towards accomplishing this is having the courage to chose yourself. With that comes self motivation, self realization and the pursuit of one’s life’s divine purpose. Let us put our feet in the sand of the Egyptian deserts and run our fingers through the water of the Nile together in 2020. Let us resurrect the goddess within.

Please keep in mind that space is limited. BlaQ Fire Nation is only traveling with 5 others.

  • Self Realization Course

13 live or recorded Self Realization Classes with over 20 hours of content regarding self realization, knowledge of self, law of attraction, karma, manifestation, mirroring, womb science and self accountability. 

  • Vehicle

Transportation to and from airport, as well as to and from all pre-planned group activities.

  • Ceremony

Crowning Ceremony, dinner, and a sunset ride on the Nile river.

  • Housing

Village Housing by the Nile river with a pool.

  • Food

Breakfast is included. Personal Chef available for paid meals. Trips to the  temples include lunch. Local market and resteraunts nearby.


  • Self Realization Workshops

 Heal Thy heart. 3 personal one on one Self Realization Sessions. Daily workshops during the 7 Days In Egypt. Workshops include, manifestation activities,  dream analyzation, and increasing faith in universal law.

Resurrection Of The Goddess Retreat
7 Days In Egypt
4/18/20 - 4/25/20
From $1100
**Payment Plan Available**

Don't miss this awesome opportunity to awaken the goddess within and celebrate yourself with a trip to Egypt.