The Spirit Of Forgiveness

A spirit of forgiveness helps us resolve negative karma. It is in the nature of our human psyche to desire revenge on someone whom we feel has harmed us. However, if we duplicate them, then we are only proving that we hold that same energy that they used to harm us. We are only mirroring their behavior. Very often we want to create our own justice. If we understood that the universe has its own justice system, then perhaps we would be able to let go of pain and forgive.

Forgiveness can be difficult. Especially for the most brutal and grotesque crimes. However, holding on to pain causes disease within the soul. It lays a very heavy burden on the heart which results in negative karma. Lack of forgiveness leads to creating your own spiritual debt. This class will help us understand how negative karma is created and also how it manifests in our lives.

What you will learn from this class:

  • the universal justice system of karma and forgiveness of debt
  • an esoteric explanation of pain, guilt, and forgiveness
  • what waiting for an apology does to the soul
  • how lack of forgiveness blocks money
  • the esoteric understanding of Jesus forgiving sin
  • forgiveness of debt and its relation to the strawman (fictional self)
  • what the physical dollar bill teaches us about universal law and energy
  • how the cycle of debt & karma relates to the mirror
  • an introduction to karma, the zodiac, and the womb
  • methods of forgiveness


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