Spiritual Maturity

Spiritual Maturity is a topic that is not discussed too much in the mainstream spirituality platforms. More popular subjects like the law of attraction, magic spells, astral-projection, and astrology are put at the forefront of our spiritual journey. In reality, spiritual maturity should be looked at in the beginning stages of the “awakening” process. The earlier we realize that we are spiritually immature, the earlier we can start taking steps to accept our lessons from the reflections that we stumble upon.

This class will cover:

  • Author Napoleon Hill’s definition of spiritual maturity
  • A metaphysical explanation of where maturity takes place
  • The role feminine energy plays in the maturation process
  • What the Bible says about spiritual maturity
  • Principles for walking as a spiritually mature being
  • Metaphors that teach us the cycle of maturity
  • 8 ways to break down the word maturity
  • How spiritual maturity manifests as money
  • How spiritual immaturity leads to the creation of a slave

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