Grown Men Only

Grown Men Only aka No Pu$$y for Boys is the springboard of the entire Self Realization Of A Goddess course. It is this portion of the course which sets in motion the other steps. It has a history going back to 2016. The content of this class started as a women’s movement which promoted self-accountability and maturity. You can read the mission statement here: NP4B Mission Statement. This class will help anyone who wants to understand the freedom of choice found within feminine energy.

This class will cover:

  • The mystical energy of the Goddess Lilith
  • The history behind the NP4B movement and mission
  • What the NP4B movement and mission is and is not
  • A breakdown of the Latin Term “Caveat Emptor”
  • The difference between an immature boy and a man
  • Breaking the cycle of dealing with immature men
  • Healing insecurities
  • How to question yourself for Self Reflection
  • Spiritual Sexual Education
  • How to never be manipulated
  • A discussion on reducing single motherhood

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