Self Realization of a Goddess: Interactive Journal


Self Realization of a Goddess Interactive Journal



The Self Realization Of A Goddess handbook is an interactive journal that coincides with the 13-week online course. This book is a roadmap through 13 steps of spiritual maturity and includes multiple self-development exercises along the way. The 13 steps are broken into the 4 seasons of fall, winter, spring, and summer. From fall to summer you will be initiated through the process of self-realization until you reach the final stage of identifying your individual “I Am”. Once you reach the goal of “I am”, you will then be prompted to create a contract with yourself. This contract holds you accountable to be who you claim to be at all times. The Self Realization of a Goddess handbook is perfect for keeping a small reminder of who you are in your pocketbook at all times. It is also a great alternative for the online course. Start your self-realization journey today.


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