BlaQ Fire Nation University

Metaphysical Course Catagories

Metaphysics Of The Bible

Beneath the surface, the Bible equates to a universal law book. It can be used to increase faith in the unseen and teaches us to use the power of IAM to intentionally create our desired lives. These classes focus on providing knowledge regarding the metaphysics of the Bible.

Self Realization

Self realization is necessary for reaching your highest level of spiritual maturity and remembrance of peace. It teaches us to how to be in total alignment with our true self. These classes focus on providing knowledge and understanding for self check, self evaluation and self realization.

Manifesting With Purpose

Manifesting with purpose and intention takes effort. You will need focus, passion and knowledge of the mind in order to master it. If one is to become a supreme creator the universe requires that they know and understand how thoughts flow and go from unseen to seen. These classes cover how the mind creates.

Mother Goddess

The Mother God or divine feminine energy is the energy that works behinds the seen of all manifestation. Knowing and applying the art of feminine energy is a game changer because it opens the door to the creative side of the mind and reduces fear of the unknown. These classes focus on feminine energy and knowledge of the womb.

The Power Of Words

Understanding the metaphysics and spiritual power of words can have a major impact o your life. Words are used to create your entire experience. They are also used for magical spell casting. These classes focus on what words are and how they cast spells.

Spiritual Healing

The true meaning of healing is to remember and align with your true self so that you may find peace. Peace is the ultimate goal as it represents oneness with the Universe. There are multiple ways to go about healing. These classes cover the subject of healing the heart and breaking generational cycles.