Metaphysical Services


Discover what's hidden in your shadows via these metaphysical services: name interpretation, birth date interpretation, or dream interpretation.


Deep dive into your purpose, self realization, and accountability via a virtual face to face or telephone session.

Community Service

Contact Reverend BlaQ Fire to minister your wedding, funeral, or to be your birth doula.

Book Rev. BlaQ Fire

Contact Reverend BlaQ Fire to bring her to your city for speaking engagements and teaching classes concerning metaphysics and self realization.

Join Rev. BlaQ Fire's Patreon Group

The BlaQ Fire Nation patreon group has over 400 exclusive post and video content on various spiritual concepts for the purpose of self realization, spiritual growth, and inspiration. It includes an abundance of metaphysical bible interpretation. Joining the group gives you the additional support you need for staying accountable to yourself and keeping you on the path of self realization.