Jealousy is a disease of competition, measurement and minding other peoples business. When I say it is a disease I mean it can literally make you feel without ease. Any dis ease that we have starts within the mind and is a thief of our peace. Jealousy is very much at the root of disturbing peace of mind because it is tied to the color green, the color of the heart chakra. It is Shakespeare who labeled jealousy “the green eyed monster.”


Jealousy is a manifestation of the heart which is ruled by the color green. The word green itself is showing us that it is about energy. The word energ is the same exact letters as the word green. Our main instrument for projecting energy is the heart. Not only due to the electric magnetic frequencies coming from it but because the heart of anything is the center of it. The center is where the seed of creation is. The heart or the center is the darkness which projects its light (focus) and that light is reflected back to itself. The word center shows us this. The word center is also the word resent meaning to send again.The etymology of resent says “ French ressentir “feel pain, regret,” from Old French resentir “feel again, feel in turn”. This suggest that whatever feelings you focus on or make the center of your attention is only a reflection of yourself. Whatever energy you project gets resent back to you. This is all happening on such a subtle and subconscious level that most of us don’t notice because we are blinded by external images.  What is happening is that we are spending most of our energy focused on what another person is doing. You can feel it in your body. You are annoyed. You are upset. You are angry. You are looking at another person and feeling like they do not deserve something they are getting. You even may be secretly wishing you were getting that particular thing. You feel like you are threatened with loosing something that that person currently gives you. Scarcity takes over. Fear creeps in. Your heart starts to pound. Your palms start to sweat. Your body starts to get hot. You start to imagine things that are not happening. Now you are upset at only the potential of something happening that has not happened. You are creating that scenario of fear of loss right there within your own mind. You are creating it in the now and it is not even happening….but it feels like it is. You are creating all of it. This is all happening because you are doing something that you can easily fix. You are minding someone else’s business more than your own. You have made them your center, when they are not. You are the center of everything you perceive and feel. Remember, that what you put out comes back to you. Therefore, you are always the center. The only reason you are having all this dis ease & uncomfortableness is because your own heart is jealous and aches for your attention! Pay attention to yourself.

You have a contract with your own heart to make your self the center at all times. You are the “I am” and once you get away from knowing that you have broken the first commandment. “Love the Lord thy God with all your heart (earth), mind (moon) & soul (sun).” The sun, moon and earth are the main parts of the universe which create this illusion we live in called time. Time tells on you. Ahhhh yes…. time tells on what you care most about. What you spend your time doing and thinking about is a direct indication of what you love. If you spend more time focusing on what other people are doing and thinking then when are you thinking about you? How much do you love you? How often do you go inside yourself and ask yourself why do I do this and that versus being upset about what someone else is doing? Why are you concerned about how much attention someone else is getting? Why do you care about how much money (which can equate to attention) someone else is creating? Jesus shut Peter up when he asked about what someone else was doing. John 21:21-22 Peter seeing him saith to Jesus, Lord, and what shall this man do? Jesus saith unto him, If I will that he tarry till I come, what is that to thee? follow thou me. In other words, whatever I have this man do, what does that have to do with you? You follow me.  Jesus pretty much told Peter to mind his own business and worry about yourself.

Your contract with God, your inner self and your “I am” is to love yourself with ALL your time. The Lord thy God is a jealous God and will put you in jail if you do not mind your business and tend to yourself. Mind your business meaning that we should pay more attention to our own thoughts and feelings than we do others. The Lord jails us for breaking the contract. It is universal law to jail us (jealous) for worshiping images that appear externally. The Bible tells us repeatedly not to break our contract(covenant) with the “I am”. That means that we are not to worship anything external or we will get lost in it and forget about ourselves. We will get thrown in the prison of ourselves (our cells) becoming a slave to the external. This is to our own detriment and we bring it on our self.

Deut 5:8-10 Thou shalt not make thee any graven image, or any likeness of any thing that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the waters beneath the earth: Thou shalt not bow down thyself unto them, nor serve them: for I the LORD thy God am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth generation of them that hate me, And shewing mercy unto thousands of them that love me and keep my commandments.

Minding other peoples business is such a huge distraction. Yet we rarely will admit to doing this. “Who me? Jealous! Never! I’m shocked that you would even consider that I would be jealous” is what we say. Lies! Lies! And more lies! We lie to ourselves. We ALL do this! No one is exempt! No! not one. Because it is human nature to run from a truth that hurts. So we lie about why we give so much attention to a particular thing. Sometimes we are not intentionally lying. We really are simply unaware of our self but pain is the reminder. Who likes pain?! Yet pain is our greatest teacher! Let us thank pain and adversity for growth. Pain is there to let us know that we have violated the contract within our own heart. So if we learn to face pain we will get better in dealing with jealousy, envy, insecurity, low self esteem and all those nasty little creatures that keep us from reaching our greatest “I am”. If not, then jealousy grows like the ivy plant and it will take over an entire house if you allow it. Envy is the Ivy plant. The word Envy is also the word vine. Vines will take over your temple(house) and grow wildly if you do not get a hold of it. You have to get to the root where all truth lives and cut it off. The English Ivy penetrates small cracks in the bricks and start to cause damage to the structure of the temple. It is one of the most invasive vines out of all plants that grow along walls. The vines can take over the house so much that it actually covers the bricks and you would never know that the vines are creeping into the crevices between the bricks slowly causing damage, causing dis ease. These vines also harbor and hide a lot insects that can destroy wood. This is what envy and jealous can do, cover a temple and destroy it.

Some people say envy and jealousy are 2 different things but that is not what the etymology says. Envy “late 13c., from Old French envie “envy, jealousy, rivalry”. It also says “Similar formations in Avestan nipashnaka “envious,” also “look at”. Also in the bible the words envious and jealous are interchangeable. To be jealous of something requires that you look at something outside of yourself. It is in our nature to “look at” the external world as if it is disconnected from our self. That is part of the design of the universe, which is to be separate but together simultaneously. However, when we look to compete, compare,  measure against, and to lust after then we start to develop jealousy. If you find yourself comparing and measuring against someone else’s then it is possible you are jealous of them. On the flip side of this…. if you find yourself bothered by someone who seems to be measuring themselves above you then it is possible that you are insecure with yourself. Only you can make yourself feel beneath someone else. Either way, how you feel about any situation is created by you. When you rival with someone it means you are competing. Competition is a masculine type of energy and only happens on the physical side of things. There can only be competition among what is seen, never unseen. Competition happens in the womb and is apart of how we manifested in flesh therefore it is a necessary energy for us to strive to do better than our previous self. However, on the non-physical side of things everything is black, dark, equal and balanced. What is there to compete with if all things are equal and the same? The feminine does not need to compete. It knows that there is only darkness and all things that appear to be in external light are only a reflection of self….. so again what is there to compete with? It is hard for us to swallow and digest this concept but if we become honest with our self by admitting our jealousy we can identify the envy of the Ivy and cut it at the root.

Do you remember the movie The Mask with Jim Carry? That movie was all about heart. The heart is dual. Duality is showing us the words dual light, or two lights. There is external light and internal light. There were two mask in the movie. The one worn by Jim Carry represents the desire to be your true authentic self and attract that same authentic love back. The one worn by the character known as Dorian represent the aspect of love which produces possessiveness, jealousy and competition. Both mask are green, but these are two different energies of green. One focuses on internal and the other external. It is simple to rid jealous but because of this external illusion we live in it can be difficult. I’ll tell you what this little girl told me. She changed my life forever. “You drive! Worry about yourself!”. Click the link below.

Video Of Little Girl Saying Worry About Yourself



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5 Ancestral Healing Techniques Using Akashic Records

This article will cover what akashic records are and 5 ways they can assist in your ancestral healing techniques.

Keep reading if you’ve been researching ancestral healing techniques and akashic records but you keep coming across the same vague information over and over again.

I guarantee that I will explain it in a way that is easy to understand but also very  unique. Some of the following techniques of ancestral healing might seem obvious to you but what makes them unique is the incorporation of akashic record reading. 

Before we get started, allow me to quickly address what makes me qualified to speak on this subject of ancestral healing and akashic record reading.

  •  I am Ordained Metaphysician, graduate and member of the International Metaphysical Ministry.
  • I have been teaching & counseling in the field of metaphysical healing for 8 years.
  • I am also an akashic record reader through names, words, letters, and numbers for the past 8 years and have done hundreds of readings.

In case you’ve unaware, a metaphysician specializes in knowledge of the universe.  I provide mental tools and exercises that will help you look deeper into yourself in order to awaken the true self, heal yourself, and change genetic patterns.

One of our key roles as a metaphysician is to use knowledge of universal principles to guide in the healing of others, especially using the tools of self reflection and Self Realization.


Akasha, also written as akasa is a Sanskrit word which means sky, ether, or space, According to, akasha is described as the fifth great element having the specific property of sound.

Having the property of sound explains why one would also call it a realm of records. Sound is simply vibrations. Thus, one could describe akashic records as a fifth dimension or plane of the heavens (etheric sky), where all and every vibration exist. 

The Woman’s Dictionary of Symbols & Sacred Objects describes a star as “the soul of the dead, newly provided with ‘astral’ (starry) bodies made of that mysterious nonexistent star stuff called ether, The Greeks fifth element”.

This confirms that we are made up of that etheric, fifth element, star stuff. What we call “ancestral” lineage is astral lineage. 

Where Are The Akashic Records?

This plane of the heavens is not anywhere in “outer space”. Everything that has ever occurred, whether it be a thought, an emotion or physical experience is stored in the heavens aka the etheric plane. This plane exist within all things living. 

The Bible talks a lot about heaven and the Kingdom Of God. It also tells us where this Kingdom is, “Neither shall they say, Lo here! or, lo there! for, behold, the kingdom of God is within you.” Luke 17:21.

Therefore, in order to access this sky, we need not go far. Look at the word sky. It is also the word syk or psyche, meaning the mind. We only go into the inner space, the darkness, the silence within the forest of the mind.

This astral or astrological realm is made up of the word of God, which is also the records of all things. 

In the Self Realization of a Goddess online course, the akashic records are described as God’s eternal memory bank. Because the word akasha also has the word KASH (cash) in it, it is secretly telling us that true money exist within the remembrance of your divinity. 

Furthernore, all historical records are always found in the center. Even  in the 3D realm, this concept is illustrated. Usually all vital record offices, property transfers, and contracts concerning business affairs are found and stored in the center of the city.

Most cities call this place “City Hall”. Anywhere where there is an an abundance of records and/or books, there beholds a metaphor for akashic record storage. Family history and the practices that have been taught and passed down from generation to generation are found within the akashic records. 

The center of the city represents the center of the heart or the nucleus of the cells. Akashic record activations has to occur with the heart.

Something has to be seen, felt, heard or triggered in ordered to spark a change, awaken a new strand of dormant DNA, and start thinking different

The Akashic Records & The Holy Bible 

The akashic records are an eternal and immortal memory bank. It might also be described as a computer database holding all universal intelligence. It is the energy which never dies.

It holds the past, present and future of anything and everything that has ever been thought, felt, imagined or experienced.

The book, “The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, calls it “The imperishable records of life”. It is also the domain of all Supreme Intelligence. 

In the book,”Edgar Cayce on the Akashic Records, it is described as a “hall of records” and “God’s Book of Remembrance”. Once again, it is a memory bank of the all. 

The Bible itself has given us a form of akashic records by telling us about heaven. The Bible is also called the HOLY bible because the word holy not only means sacred.

It is also describing the symbol of a circle or a hole. It is secretly showing us that this a story which goes around and comes back again….. over and over again. When stories or thoughts or emotions come back, that is remembrance.

The Holy Bible is an akashic record book. 

What Is Ancestral Healing? 

By now, you may be wondering what about your ancestral healing, your family tree, and your ancestral lineage. All of your memories from every incarnation, as well as your family is part of the history or within the hisTORAHcal (historical) records of the akasha.

As already explained, the bible, which is made up of the Torah is also an akashic record book about family lineages, bloodlines and their challenges.

The key to ancestral healing is reprogramming one’s DNA. In very simple terms, healing is a matter of changing one’s mind and one’s belief system to be in alignment with their own divinity.

The entire bible is about the  changing of one’s mind. It tells the story of an old testament to a new testament. The word testament itself is ultimately about one’s state of mind.

Please do not confuse this with practicing a religion. It is not. It is a metaphysical concept that we can reprogram ourselves and reincarnate our soul by learning new ideas and applying them to our lives on daily basis.

Read more about the connection between the bible and metaphysics here: Is Metaphysical Christianity New Age BS?

What Are The Benefits Of Ancestral healing?

There is a theory that when one person heals, they heal 7 generations ahead of them. I can accept the validity in that even based on the science of the womb.

In the Self Realization Course & Book, it is explained that a mother’s vibration not only impresses upon the current child but also the multitudes of eggs within the unborn child. This is proof that when someone, especially a woman, changes her vibration, she also can shift the vibration of an entire generation.

 When we do not heal or remember our true divine self, the lessons return over and over again. We continue to remember the pain, trauma and unpleasant experiences. We continue to recycle the memory.

But when an individual takes the initiative to learn or unlearn something that is on repeat in their DNA, they have the potential to heal many generations in the bloodline.

Outside of healing multiple generations at one time, there is also the benefit of remembering one’s divine assignment an spiritual gifts that may be used to help uplift and heal others.

Finally, There is the benefit of mental freedom, peace of mind and activation of intentional creative energy.


An akashic record reading is usually performed by someone who is highly intuitive and has a form of energetic reading abilities. They would usually have a team of spirit guides help them “see” energy about one’s soul or memory bank.

I would not say that it’s exactly the same as reading a past life or seeing the future. It is moreso about picking up on energy that needs to be healed or reprogrammed in this life because of something from a past life. Or it may need to be altered due to something that needs to occur for a future event. 

An akashic record reader might “open the akashic records” by reciting a particular prayer which ask permission to be able to “see” the records along with the permission of the person who is requesting the reading. 

Sometimes a reader will also ask for family members and loved ones of the client to assist them in “seeing” what needs to be brought to the surface for healing. A reading can include asking the records questions, and allowing intuition in guiding us in our hearing from within.

An akashic reader may also use a form a meditation to help guide a client into a relaxed state, say a prayer, ask to open the records and then proceed to ask questions and allow the answers to flow in.

This is allowing energetic and intellectual intuition to flow between the reader and the client. Meaning, they are using each other’s energy to read the records. When working in the records, we have agreed to go into the space of oneness.

Therefore, if a thought is expressed and the feeling behind the thought is felt on both ends, this serves as confirmation for the reading. The feeling can be in any of the major chakra centers withing the body, but especially the heart. 

I am Ordained Metaphysician, and I also am an Akashic Record Reader. Although, for a quite a while I never called it that. I called it word magic.

I am able to see the esoteric meaning in words, names, shapes, letters and numbers. I also have the gift of hearing aka clairaudience. The energy that I am picking up is through the tone of sounds and vibrations within the words.

Through studying metaphysics and universal principles, I have learned that words are memory and also money.

In my early years of teaching metaphysics, I wrote the book, Exposing The Mystery Within Your Names. Within it, I explain the connection between reading our life as it unfolds (akashic records), and being able to see the connection to the past and the future.

One can see many stories all within a name. This is how I read the records.

Through my gift, I was able to figure out why I manifested the experiences I did as well as learning about my own divine purpose in this life. I was also able to gather an abundance of universal laws and principles simply by reading the records around me.

Because I know that everything in this seen realm is all manifested energy and memory of the ONE creation story, I read EVERY THING like an akashic reading.

When I look at words, names, shapes and letters I do not see the mundane and surface aspect of it. I see God’s story. Akashic records is your divine guidance if you are open to receive it. 

I have used this gift to read hundred’s of akashic records within peoples names and birthdates. You can book a reading here:


Scripture number five

It is James 312. And Jesus is asking, can a fig tree bear olives? And can a grapevine bear figs? Now what he’s asking is, can you produce something that’s not of you? Can you produce something that’s not like you? Can you produce something that’s not related to you? No! everything that you’re manifesting had to come from you. That is what the scripture is talking about. It’s talking about the law of manifestation, which is pretty much the same as the law of attraction. Okay, you cannot bear things in your life and have experiences in your life that did not come from you.

Scripture number six

I want to read this one verbatim because this is a very popular scripture. And it’s Matthew 7:2 says “for in the same way you judge others you will be judged. And with the measure you use, it will be measured to you”. Now, this scripture is always thrown around, because it’s talking about how we shouldn’t judge people. But what it’s talking about, as far as how it relates to the law of attraction and the law of manifestation and creating your reality is the things that you judge and measure. The universe is also going to create that experience for you because you’re judging it.

Think of it like this, whatever it is that you’re measuring, where did you get the ruler from? Where did you get the measuring stick from? What are you using to measure or judge the thing that you’re measuring? Because you really can only use your own experiences, to measure and judge things. So that’s the reason why your judgment still points back to you. Even if you had just an opinion about something, where did your opinion come from? You’re still using your method of measuring and judging things based on your own opinion. So that’s the reason why the judgment still comes back to you. 

Scripture number seven



What Are 5 Ancestral Healing Techniques Using Akashic Record reading?

Table of Contents

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