Jesus carried a cross, died on a cross and was resurrected. This is one of the most popular stories in the world. Its also one of the most influential stories in the world because it’s a story of love, passion, violence & forgiveness. Unfortunately what many people are not realizing is that its their story. Its the story of every last human walking the planet. Its a story of creation, and creation takes place in the womb & the mind. The story of your creation is one of war, conquering, love and growth. This is the story that is being told in the womb, the only true story there is. This is her story and it was replaced by His Story via patriarchy. The etymology of hystera means womb. Hystera and history are phonetically the same sound. If one studied hystera, they will know the story of creation.

Jesus is a metaphor for many many things. The main one being sexual energy. If you want to understand how Jesus is a metaphor for sexual energy please see my blog “Words And Sex”. Jesus is IsIs which is the kundalini energy which is sexual energy. Notice that kundalini has “kund” on the front which is cunt, which is the vagina. Yes, Jesus is a metaphor for the vagina.


Within the vagina of every woman is an ocean and the ocean is a place for seamen (semen) to dwell. These are  likened to a type of fish, tadpoles or water beings. Also, within the woman is the menstrual egg. This word “menstrual” is also about judgment and DNA. In the word menstrual is mens TRIAL. The etymology of trial is “Sense of “examining and deciding of the issues between parties in a court of law”. This is judgment in a court, which the court is really your own mind or cortex. Within that semen and within menses is DNA, which I call “AND”. The symbol for “AND” is the plus sign (+) or the cross. “AND” is how you create your story of yourself from the mind. You are a book. In fact, you are the Bible. Bible means book and is the root word of Bibliography. You are many books and you are many stories. When you are writing your story,or my story which is a mystery, every new life is “AND”. With every new life is a new set of DNA and another chance to recreate yourself. We create our self via our choices. With every choice we are confronted with the power to say yes or no. Yes is nodding the head up & down & no is nodding the head right to left. Make those motions with your head right now & take notice that you just created a cross with your head. Your head is the chief over your entire body. Nothing in your body moves without what is in your head telling it to do so. So you are fully responsible for your choices. Your universe inside is responding to YOUR choices.


We are constantly creating with our choices, our yes’s and our no’s. We also create by judging things and labeling them as “good” and “bad. The more we fear things, the more we create our fears because the universe wants us to face those fears and be courageous. Every time we make a choice we program our self. We are likened to a computer program creating rules within itself. We tell the computer what to do and how to respond to things from the subconscious based on our experiences. Sometimes we don’t remember these experiences We are creating our self & programming our self via our judgments. The word judge in Hebrew is “dayan”. This is relative to the prophet Daniel which means “god is my judge” or “who delivers judgment in the name of god”. Dan on the front of Daniel indicates that judgment has to do with DNA because Dan is an anagram for DNA. Our story of “AND” or “DAN” is created on the plus sign or the cross. In my opinion, Jesus, being Isis or sexual energy is playing a role of healing those judgments to force us to face our fears so that we can reach our full manifestation of a god being. We must become like the archangel called Micheal and fight the dragon we call Satan, which is our fears (amongst other things).

Jesus being judged, crucified (relative to crisis meaning to judge) and resurrected on a cross is a metaphorical story of our DNA being reevaluated, re-coded and redistributed according to universal laws. This is reincarnation. While I do not understand the depths of universal law, I do believe that there is only one law and that one law is love. Law= lavv = love. Love is to attract, exchange energy, birth, grow, mature, and expand. The entire purpose of every life is to grow and expand the mind in an effort to get it in tune with its creative & higher self . The lower or physical self is very unaware that it is a co-creator within universal laws but we are to learn this. We are to learn something from every life & carry it over to the “AND” or the afterlife within our DNA. What we don’t learn, we repeat. This is why it is important for us to learn to only judge things for our self and not for other people because you never know what their story is about. Focus on your own story. You can never go wrong there. Make choices for yourself and understand why you say no or yes. Is it out of fear or love? Either way the universe is going to reveal your own judgments to you. It is up to you to recognize that you are creating them.


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