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This article will give you optimal insight into metaphysical Christianity. It is for the Christian that wants to examine the concept of spirituality from a new perspective. After reading, you will be able to determine if Christian metaphysics is simply some “new age” bs made up by charismatic gurus. Or if it’s a powerful way of life that utilizes the bible to help us remember our true selves.

If you find that you would like to explore Metaphysical Christianity further, I will provide you with a few tools to get you started.  In conclusion, you will be given a list of several best metaphysical books and also a video to help you along your way.

Is Metaphysical Christiniaty New Age BS



Before you can make any determinations, you must first answer the question, what is metaphysical Christianity? When Christians hear the word metaphysical, they might ask “what is that”? Either they have no clue what it is or they have a huge misunderstanding about it. 

You might think it’s something spooky or demonic. Other people think it’s scientific. Some people think it’s about crystals and tarot cards. Lastly, you have the people that think it’s too mystical. It’s beyond their level of understanding. These people are intimidated by it and never even bother trying to understand it. 

Here is my perspective as a Christian Metaphysician, an Ordained Metaphysical Minister, and teacher of metaphysics: Metaphysics can be spooky, especially for some Christians. It is scientific because it is based on physics and energy. And it is most definitely mystical and mysterious. 

Metaphysics means to go beyond what is physical. It’s actually quite simple.

It is described as the first cause of things. The first cause of all things physical is its non-physical equal. The non-physical cause creates the physical effect. A metaphysical Christian understands the nonphysical Christ energy. The energy of Christ is beyond the idea of a physical Jesus Christ.

This is to understand the metaphysics of Jesus. Not just the story. 

Metaphysical Christianity means to go beyond the physical attributes of modern Christianity. Meta means beyond. Physical is referring to what we can physically experience with our 5 senses. 

In other words, a metaphysical Christian may not see Christ as a physical character.  Instead, they choose to embrace Christ as a level of consciousness and a way of thinking. 

A metaphysical Christian may also interpret the bible as a mystical, psychological, science book rather than a history book. Why? Because once you decide to go beyond the physical, you are now in the realm of the unseen. This is the dimension of the mind where all energy is transformed and transmuted. 


Is Metaphysical Christianity Biblical?

If the “first cause” of a thing is describing physics or energy, then the bible supports metaphysics. What the bible calls spiritual, metaphysicians call energy. Christians will say the spirit is moving through the church as the pianist pounds on the keyboards. But a metaphysical Christian would immediately notice it is energy that is moving. 

Energy is unseen except through matter. And because it is unseen it becomes very spooky…..well…. for some people. Most people cannot relate to what they cannot see, so they totally ignore the idea of energy. 

Unfortunately, many people fear what they cannot see or understand. Fear gives them another reason to avoid thoroughly understanding energy. Most humans are usually on a daily mission to survive life. They rarely give thought or priority to what is invisible. It is too much of a mystery.

However, the root of Christianity is totally based on faith and belief in unseen spiritual energy. In fact, here is a scripture to support that claim.

Hebrews 11:1

This scripture tells us that faith is an unseen force. If we replace the words “not seen” with the word metaphysics, we will have a better understanding of the connection between metaphysics and the bible.

Furthermore, everything that we can see has an unseen nature to it. When unseen energy turns into a physical expression through matter, we call that manifestation. None of these ideas of manifestation is new. 

Metaphysical Christianity is not any new age philosophy. It is based on the science of how unseen energy creates our reality. It is very much faith-based. 

The bible itself is called a holy book because the word holy is actually a symbol for zero. And zero means that something has an unseen invisible nature. Therefore, the word holy in the words “holy bible” supports the idea that the bible is about the hidden and invisible nature of all things. The bible is totally about the metaphysical.

 A Christian Metaphysician should be able to see the symbolism in the word holy, despite its literal definition. Remember, metaphysics means to go beyond what you are physically looking at. 

But who has time to try to solve life’s unseen mysteries between going to work, dropping the children off at school, and planning dinner? Besides…… we have to go to church and watch our favorite television show right? There is absolutely nothing wrong with these things. But when we do not make room for what we do not understand, we suffer in bliss or ignorance.  



Is Metaphysics
New Age Spirituality?

Have you ever heard the phrase “There’s nothing new under the sun”? This phrase can be traced back to the bible. Shall I dare ask the question, if there is nothing new under the sun, how can there even be a “new age” spirituality? 

There is nothing new because the things we call new are developed from something old. The idea of metaphysical spirituality or Christianity can not ever be new. If anything, it is Christianity in its purest form. 

Ecclesiastics 1:9

Metaphysical Christianity focuses on Christ consciousness more than Jesus Christ as a historical figure. This is where you should apply this scripture to your life; “Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus: Who, being in the form of God, thought it not robbery to be equal with God”. Philippians 2:5-6.

This scripture alone is directing you to take on the same mentally as a Christ being. And that mentality is to know that we do not rob God when we confess to be equal or one with God. 

When you reach the conclusion that all is energy,  how can you not be of the same energy as the source from which you came?

 Therefore, we do not create anything new. In fact, how can anything be new when we already knew it. Meaning that the only thing you can do is remember ideas about God. You cannot create any new idea.

Ideas are simply energy that transforms and transmutes from another idea over time. All thoughts come from one mind. The mind of God.

Metaphysical Christianity is not new-age at all. It is only mysterious because it has been forgotten. Anything that has been forgotten can feel new, mysterious, and even scary. 

What Are Some Basic Metaphysical Beliefs That Christians Can Adopt?

Is Metaphysical Christianity New Age BS

Do you want to look deeper into Metaphysical Christianity? Would you like to start incorporating some metaphysical beliefs into your everyday life? I would suggest you start with these 6.

They are pretty self explanatory but I will give a brief synopsis of each one. 


Spend some time in complete silence with God. This is the best way to communicate directly with the source energy. If you are unsure about the direction you would like to go in your spiritual walk, pray for a clear answer. Then sit quietly. 

Internal Christ

Shift your perspective to an internal Christ rather than an external, historical Christ. This is not suggesting that you completely throw away your idea of Christ. It is suggesting that you transform the energy into something deeper and life altering. If you need help with this, here is another article about the message that the internal Jesus teaches us. Jesus Christ: Super Creditor


Adapting a new metaphysical spiritual mentality means that you not only believe that you can be prosperous with God. It also means you understand that you can create your own reality. If you need some help with this, check out this other article about Reverend Ike’s sermon “God Is Your Word”. 

Self Realization

Self Realization is the remembrance of your true spiritual and eternal form. It is also the remembrance that everything is you. You can read more about it HERE: What Is Self Realization?

Positive Affirmations 

Positive affirmations are like prayers for Christians. It is simply speaking good words and good positive talk over yourself every day. Good, meaning that it feels good to you. Most people start with doing “I Am” affirmations daily. 


Oneness is the remembrance that you can never be separated from God. Even the bible says ” If I ascend up into heaven, thou art there: if I make my bed in hell, behold, thou art there.” Psalm 139:8. Not only that. You also cannot be separated from another human, the elements within nature, or anything that you can think of. Because everything is one and it all exists in the mind. 

Best Metaphysical Books For Christians

Self Realization of a Goddess Journal
The Self Realization of a Goddess Interactive Journal is ideal for the Christian woman who is ready to explore spirituality from inward. You might be searching for deeper answers because you are hurting. You have been abused, suffer from low self-esteem, childhood trauma etc.  Perhaps, the church is not giving you the answers that you are looking for. This book will give you some answers about your life experiences that you are not likely to get from a church pastor.  The purpose of the book is to help you understand why your life manifest the way that it does. The book goes along with the Self Realization of a Goddess class. But you definitley can use the book by itself until you are ready for the entire course. In the world of metaphysics, understanding the role of sounds, words and names are important. Download my ebook Exposing the Mysteries Within Your Names to learn more about that.

 Other Recommended Best Metaphysical Books

Outwitting The Devil, by Napoleon Hill is not as scary as it sounds. It is my #1 recommended book for anyone who wants to discover what the devil actually represents in the world and mainstream religion.
Metaphysical Bible Dictionary, Charles Fillmore This is a great book for helping you learn how to think about the bible.  It explains all the characters as a psychological aspect of self.
The Woman’s Dictionary of Symbols and Sacred Objects by Barbara Walker. This is a great book for women who want to understand the divine feminine aspect of God. Unfortunately, many Christian women do not acknowledge a feminine aspect of God.  By ignoring this part of the divine energy, they are ignoring this part within themselves. I refer to this book in some parts of the Self Realization of a Goddess class. The last thing I want to recommend is a video/book called “The Game of Life” by Florence Scovel Shinn. This audiobook will give you a lot of insight into the metaphysics of the bible. It will also help you create the life you desire. In case you want the physical book, you can get it here.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that the concept of metaphysical Christianity is very old. It’s ancient.  It’s ancient because it is not based on a person or a historical character. It goes beyond all things physical.

It is based on energy. And the science of unseen energy always preceeds it’s physical manifestation. 

The bottom line is that you can definitely be Christ-centered and still immerse yourself in metaphysics. In fact, your faith will be even stronger with an in-depth understanding of Christ energy. 

Metaphysics is a science. Science is to have knowledge of the unseen “secret” laws of the universe. Once you understand the laws of the universe, you will be more empowered to create the reality that you want. You will learn that you can heal yourself in many ways through the power of truly becoming one with God. 

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