The word devil seems to be a word that has the world scared and running. But from what? Are people scared of a devil like they are scared of a boogey man? Are they scared of a devil like they are scared of scary movies? Are they afraid of a devil because it is said that he resides in hell ? Or are they scared of the devil because they are under an emotional word spell. They do not have a thorough understanding of what a devil is? And if they do not know what it is, then how can they know how the devil tempts us?

I’m going to bet that most people totally lack understanding of what the devil is. That is because they have been embedded and programmed with concepts that have been fed to them since childhood by their grandmother, mother, father, pastor, auntie, cousin and friend. This programming is not even including what we see and hear on the television. When we step into a church or a mosque the programming gets even deeper. So where should I start? Sheesh! I am tired even thinking about attempting to explain this. But here we go!

The devil is you. He is in your eyes & lives in your brain. He is in everything that you physically see. Yup! The end.

Need more? What you call devil, Satan, Lucifer, and even a demon are all relative to one word…….. Witness. The devil bares witness for the existence of what most of us call God. He is all up and through what you see with your two eyes. For me to help you understand this, you would have to be aware of your own dualistic existence. What does your dualistic existence have to do with the devil? Well….. let us start by looking into the word devil. In Greek, it is diablos. The etymology of devil says a “diabolical person”. If we listen to the phonetics in diablos we will notice that we are also saying double. That is to say the devil represents things being in double or in twos. Apply this to what I already said about seeing with your two eyes and perhaps it will start to click for you. Now, what is even more interesting about the devil being two, is that God also means two. How? Because Deus is another name for God, and deuce also means two. Therefore, when we are talking about devil, we are also talking about God. Well damn it! By now you should be hella confused! Get it?! “Hella confused”? Since we are talking about the devil, you are HELLA confused? Ok never mind………

So! Now we know that the devil is about twos. Let us take a look at our body. Go ahead…. I’ll wait. Go count all the “doubles” on your body. I won’t name them. Lets just say there’s many. You have two sides to your body, and even your top body mimics your bottom (you create from both head and genitals). There are many layers and levels to this matrix we exist in. Therefore, this is only partially why your physical body is representing what the devil is. Can you see your body? Anything you can see with your 2 eyes is of the devil because it is of the double. The word “two” is a witness for this. Two is an anagram of the word “owt”. What is owt? Owt is OUT. That means everything that APPEARS to be “out” is of the devil. Anything that appears or “a pairs” outside of you is of the devil. Do you know why? Because the devil is a witness for what is unseen and our own existence is the proof of duality. Even the word duality is very telling. Because dual means two, but duel means war. This concept of duality supports the idea of the devil being an adversary in the war. Who is the war with? The word war tells you who the war is with. The war is with raw.  Raw is Ra. I usually interpret the letter “W” as “double you”. We just learned that double is devil therefore Raw is “You devil Ra”. Ra is another name for the Sun. The Sun is fire, electricity and emits light. Fire is relative to hell where it is said that the devil lives. In the Hebrew language, the word evil and adversity is translated from the word Ra. It is this light or fire of Ra that lives in your eyes and in your brain. It is no coincidence that the word light in Hebrew is niyr and in Arabic it is Nuran. These words sound like neuron. This light is the neurons that FIRE off in your brain as you think. It is also no coincidence that Lucifer, means “light bringer”. Yes! Because he LITERALLY brings light to your brain every time you think. Do you think its a coincidence that Aaron (sounding like neuron), Moses’s brother in the bible, means “light bringer”? The only devil you are fighting with is the one in your brain that allows you to think which allows you to have this experience we call a reality. I call it a RaElite(reality). You are at war with your own reality!

So yes, Satan, Lucifer, devil & even demons are all very similar if not the same. They are all liars!Liar is Rail backwards, sounding like RaEl. Ra is a liar! Light is a liar! Reality is a Liar! The adversary plays a major role in creating this dualistic illusion of the matrix that exist in your brain. But lets not be so quick to let the Mother God, I mean the Matrix, off the hook so easily. She is the queen and mother of playing games, or trix (rolls eyes & sucks teeth). There is no coincidence that matrix means mother and there is the word tricks in maTRIX. The mother of the cosmos represent the darkness and her Sun(fire) represents the light. We can also call him elecTRICK. You see…. he is named after his mother. How cute? Aweee! If we understand that darkness births light, and subconscious births conscious, and unseen births seen then we can begin to understand how the devil is a witness to the truth of God. God exist in darkness. In the word witness is WITE or white. So a witness, is whiteness which is also what light is. In other words, light is a witness for dark. Understanding what it takes to create a baby may help spark some neurons in understanding how a devil is witness for god. To create child we need two bodily fluids. Blood (black/dark) and semen (white/light). When a man ejaculates his light into a woman and it merges into the triple darkness of the womb and penetrates the egg (a dark blood clot), the woman will produce an unseen thought or a concept and make that thought appear. Making the thought appear is a witness that the thought existed in the unseen FIRST. When a woman conceives, in 9 months she births what is seen with two eyes. That suggest she birthed a devil or a double. You.

I could say so much more about the devil. If you would like another part to this blog, shoot me an email. Leave questions and comments. Thanks for reading.

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