7 Lessons from Self Realization of a Goddess

These past 5 months sure has been interesting. A lot has drastically changed. Nothing tops my experiences with Self Realization of a Goddess though. To register for a Self Realization of a Goddess event near you register HERE: Register Here.

Here I am thinking it is in my destiny to teach about God and then I realize that Self Realization of a Goddess was and is for ME to realize who IAM.

BlaQ Fire Crowning herself at the Philly Self Realization of a Goddess Crowning Ceremony

Of course, as much I love what I do, it took me a minute to really grasp what was happening because it was all happening at the same time. While I was teaching other women about their own power I am also coming into mine. So here is 7 things I learned about ME during these last experiences with Self Realization Of A Goddess.

BlaQ Fire teaching at Self Realization Of A Goddess in Philly.
  1. Our Mother Daughter relationships needs repair. The Philly Self Realization of a Goddess helped repair the relationship between my daughter and I. That’s her in the picture above taking a picture of me. I think she will agree that the last segment of Self Realization of a Goddess had the most impact on healing our relationship.  At the end of the 12 steps we ask the ladies to open their self up to their own feminine power by seductive dancing. My daughter never seen me in this way and I never seen her in this way either so it was a little bit uncomfortable. This is because many of us do not have too many conversations with our mothers and daughters about sexual energy. We especially do not talk about its power and its freedom. Self Realization of a Goddess helped us be able to do this.

  2. Love is to be free. My experience with love has evolved. I realized that in order to exist in this space as a God(is) I would have to learn to love as God loves. It is universal law to allow us to be whoever we please to be. We are given the power and freedom of IAM. Who am I to infringe upon the right and will of someone else’s perception? To do that is to try to take away their freedom to be them self. That is not love, that is what opposes love. That is fear. In these past few months of doing Self Realization of a Goddess I have been introduced to the concept that to be what God(is) is to allow another to have their own perception in peace. Love is to be free. I also wrote a blog about this. You can read about it HERE: A Perfect Love.

  3. Realize means to bring something into existence. Of course I have already looked deeply into this word realize but I did not think that it was and IS actually happening to me NOW. I am realizing my true self NOW. As I go to each city to teach Self Realization of a Goddess I am also evolving into my true self. My true self is me existing in my ultimate IAM and doing with my life that which was predestined for me to do. I am bringing BlaQ Fire into existence.

  4. It takes courage to free yourself. The 12 steps of Self Realization of a Goddess takes courage. I commend every last Goddess that invested the time to go through the steps. It is very difficult to face the concept that you have created all the negative as well as the positive experiences in your life. But once you accept this, you can now stand in a place of power vs victim. I realized that these women are very courageous for even coming, especially the women that came for the entire weekend. I admire you all. You are my reflections.

  5. The Lured will provide. For a while now, I have been thinking heavily on my future plans. I have allowed my regular 9-5 job to weigh heavily on my soul. It was very heavy on me, to the point where I started feeling depressed. I did not realize I was depressed until I went back and read my journal and actually saw the words ” I feel depressed”. I decided to go to a therapist. Honestly, I already knew what the problem was. I wanted myself. I wanted to live fully in my IAM and my soul was telling me to do it. My dreams were telling me to do it. I am close to taking the necessary steps to living fully in my IAM. By me teaching about the laws of the Lured at Self Realization of a Goddess I am gaining faith and courage in myself everyday. My experience with Self Realization of a Goddess taught me that you will attract everything that you need in order to exist in your IAM. I planned to teach this curriculum 2 years ago and now here I am doing it. The Lured will provide.

  6. Gratitude is key. It takes a lot of being in the now to have appreciation for what is happening in my life at this time. My morning mantra is “Gratitude in all things”. I also thank the “Lured” for whatever I attract to me before the day even begins because I believe that I am always getting exactly what I need to grow. There has been a few hiccups with putting together Self Realization and I am sure there is still more to come. Sheesh! We still have 4 cities left. But what I have learned the most is how to be grateful and thankful for NOW.

  7. Risk Management. Last, but not least, this experience has taught me about faith and risk. They go together like peanut butter and jelly. You cannot claim to have faith in your own IAM and not be willing to take risk. I evaluated my own fears during the creation of Self Realization of a Goddess and I notice that my fear was directly to risk. Risk of money, risk of time, and risk of failure. We don’t like to “fail” in front of other people. Why? Most people will judge you and say that you have failed at something that they have never even tried. Also, if they have tried and “failed” then it is likely they will compare their failure with yours. This is competitive and is usually coming from a place of jealousy. Here is what I have learned about failure. You only fail when YOU stop trying. That is what Self Realization of a Goddess has taught me so far. It taught me to not give up and take risk. Risk losing money, risk losing friends, risk losing everything…….and I do mean EVERYTHING in order to exist fully in your IAM.When you take risk you show the universe that you are serious about what you believe. So take risk.

O Yea! Crown Me Bitch! To register for a Self Realization of a Goddess event near you register HERE: Register Here

Congrats to Philly and Atl BlaQ Fire Nation Alumini

Self Realization Of A Goddess Atlanta Retreat
Self Realization Of A Goddess Philadelphia

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