In honor of Thanksgiving I wanted to write about something and someone that I am thankful for. I am thankful for Frederick J. Eikerenkoetter much better known as Rev Ike. If you do not know about Rev. Ike or you are unaware of his teachings I suggest you subscribe to his official You Tube page and also his website which I believe are currently being run by his son. Rev. Ike passed in 2009 however his teachings are very relevant today. You can visit the website at to learn more about him and what he teaches. He is a preacher/teacher that has a very well known ministry that reached it’s peak back in the mid 70’s. The main thing he taught about was prosperity and money. At least this is what it appeared like on the surface. What he really was teaching about was the power of the mind and how God is actually the power of ones own thoughts. Now doesn’t this sound familiar? Exactly!

Rev. Ike, Thank you for your years of ministry! Thank You for paving the way for those who would come behind you and also teach about the power of God through the mind. Thank you for showing me that I am not just making up wild theories about God. Thank you for confirming what I teach. I needed that. I needed that confirmation from someone who already did it and said it wayyyyyyyy before I was even born. The first time I clicked on these two videos I cried……. because at this time I was being ridiculed about what I teach and who I say I am. I was being tested on my doubts. Through this one video I was able to release a massive load of doubt because of you. I was able to gain gold because of you. I am forever grateful for your spirit, your diligence and your courage to stand firm in what you knew was right, true and correct regardless of what other people said. In your own words “it does not matter what other people think”. 

You know why it never matters what other people think? Because other peoples thoughts are not more powerful than your own. The only way their thoughts and ideas gain power and become your thoughts is when you believe them. Belief and confidence is a super power. Belief, confidence and faith IS money. It is Fiat. I interpret faith as the throne of fiat. I almost always see the letter “h” as as seat so that is why I interpret faith as having to do with a throne. A throne is associated with a seat or a bench aka a bank. Yes, a throne is a bank. Therefore, where your faith is is also where your money is. The etymology of fiat says ” “authoritative sanction,” from Latin fiat “let it be done””. If you google “Fiat Money” you will find that it is a term that is described as “Any money declared by a government to be legal tender“. . Our entire monetary system is built on faith, but that is another blog for another day. Anyway, faith was and is the same power that God uses in the Bible when he says “LET THERE BE light”. “Let there be” is the same as saying fiat. The phrase LET THERE BE sounds like the words “letter B” in which the letter B is also the”I M” or the “I am”

Rev Ike preaches about the power of “I am” and also says that he does not interpret the bible as a theological book but more of a psychological positive self image book. Paraphrasing his words, I would say that he teaches the bible from the perspective of having authority over your own mind. He also does not see Jesus simply as a “historical personality” (his words) but more so as a figure for every human to learn and understand that “I am Jesus”. We are to duplicate Jesus and the authority that he exhibited due to him knowing about his relationship with God or what I call the universal law of the mind.

Another one of his teachings that really touched me was about how your word IS God.”Your very word IS God” & “I am responsible for my own circumstances” is what Rev Ike said. I was blown away because this is also what I teach. Once again, he confirmed that what I have been studying about words for the past 4 years was right, true and correct. It is your words that is God.

Your word is your God because God is energy. God is vibration. It is the vibration of your thoughts and feeling which create your entire experience. We are creating from the subconscious (darkness) of the heart. In the darkness is the only place where truth resides. You see, we can wake up in the morning and say many positive affirmations but it is the feeling and the faith that propels the manifestation. In the words of Rev Ike “feeling over fact”. It does not matter what is happening because the subconscious only knows now. Therefore it is always now. What you think and feel now is all that matters. Your words (thoughts) matter……. LITERALLY. Not only does the word literal sound like the word letter but the etymology says this: “of or pertaining to alphabetic letters” is from late 14c. Meaning “concerned with letters and learning, learned, scholarly” is from mid-15c.”.  You are the literal word that became flesh. You are made out of semen. Semen is light. I also interpret the word literal as the LITE OF RA EL. Semen is the LIGHT OF RA EL, the light of the Sun/Son of God. The word semen is also the word names and Nemesis, the God of vengeance.  I talk more about semen and words in my book “Exposing the Mystery Within Your Names”. You are literally made out of thoughts which are words and vibrations. You see, when you start to truly understanding how you were made from a metaphysical perspective there is no way you can misunderstand that you are the Spirit or breath of God wrapped in flesh. The Spirit of God within you is the breath that flows through the body which animates the cells or the soul or the sun of God. You use this breath or spirit to think, and to speak. This breath IS the power of God. It is the breath that you use to speak the mind and the heart. It is you’re belief in your own God, your words, that bring whatever you desire to life. The part that we do not like to accept is that we are manifesting all of the negative thoughts as well. This is why Rev Ike said ” I am the devil too”. You have the power to create true feelings and thoughts. These include all of your doubts, fears and insecurities. When you do this, you have become your own adversary. Your word IS your God!

Again, I want to give gratitude and honor to Rev Ike for his ministry. He truly helped me have faith in myself, BlaQ Fire Nation and everything that I stand for. For that I am forever humble and grateful for the Spirit of God that dwells within him. May your spirit be at peace Rev Ike.

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