What must one do to receive a crown? What exactly does one have to achieve to be honored in such a manner worthy of being crowned? Is it merely passed down by Kings and Queens generation to generation? What is the criteria for determining who should be crowned? As always, let us look at this with a metaphysical eye.

If you ask me, I would say that we were all crowned at birth. We were crowned when we came out of our mothers vagina. When the head starts to peek through the vagina this is literally called crowning. Due to complications, some mothers have to deliver their baby by surgically removing them via a “C-section” or a cesarean. This word is still linked back to a term of royalty as the etymology of Caesar  means emperor, ruler, dictator and even “head of hair”. In the bible, the word hair is interchangeable with the word crown. The hair on the head is considered the crown of the head and this is very likely because the hair is considered a wilderness. It is a place where animals run in the wild and must be tamed. It is a land that needs to be tamed. One could say the hair is a garden….a garden of Eden. You have been designated as King (or Queen ) over the garden, which is the top of the head. You being born as King (or Queen) means that you already did everything you needed to do to be crowned. You already passed all the test. You already won the race. Remember, you already made it to the egg.

Let me explain my theory; You did everything that you’re ever going to do in this life in the womb already. While you were being created in the womb you were creating your story that you are living now. The true story already happened once. This is the “second time”. I mean this is the TIME that you did it in the illusion of “seconds” meaning in TIME. I don’t know, this may even be 8th time you did it. That is what I was told in a dream, that this was my 8th time going to this same school. Ugh! I sure hope I pass this class this time. Lol! So, what I am saying is you have already conquered everything that you are supposed to conquer and now you are just pretending that you forgot that you already did it. This is why I believe we have dejavu. Because you already did it! So you see, this is why you already have your crown and are worthy of it. The question that remains is what did you forget that you are trying to remember?

In order for there to be a coronation (crowning) there needs to be a conquering. The word conquering is showing us that we are to conquer the ring. The word conquer is telling us exactly how to do that which is by querying or asking. The etymology of conquer literally means “by seeking or asking”. That is to say we will get crowned by “as King”. Asking, inquiring, & searching is what gets you from one side of the board to the other. This is what Kings do. The reason why it is the King that is “as King” and not the Queen is because the Queen already knows. Please don’t confuse this with genders. This is in regards to feminine and masculine energy. The feminine aspect of the spirit is all knowing while the masculine aspect is forever curious. We are dual beings and are operating under both energies simultaneously. It may appear contradicting but it most certainly is not. The law is always balancing us out and the law itself is in perfect harmony with each other.

Where do we go to conquer this ring? Who or what are we saying “Crown me bitch” to? Well, what planet do we know of that has a ring? You got it! Saturn, which is also metaphorically Satan. Satan has the ring, therefore it is Satan that must be conquered. In one aspect Satan represents all of of our fears, doubts, and insecurities. However, by us conquering them we have reached a state of inner confidence.  So yes! We must tell all of our imaginary adversaries to “Crown me with the confidence of a God or Goddess” The word bitchah in Hebrew means confidence. That is why I am so confident throwing throwing the word bitch around! Find your inner bitch and tell your adversaries bye bye! Victory comes by way of understanding that you are your own adversary. It comes by understanding that everything that you think is Satanic or adversarial is only a reflection of yourself. Whew! What a game to play?! The word victory, conquer or overcome in the Greek language is “nikao”. This is relative to the Goddess Nike who is the Goddess of Victory. This is still relative to Satan who is also Saint Nick (Santa) which means the devil. There is no way to get your crown without gaining understanding of Satan because there is no way to get to your crown without understanding yourself. Yourself is in your crown, as in your head and heart. Another name for Saturn is Cronus which interestingly sounds like “crown us”. That is because Saturn is relative to the crown on your head. When you are enlightened or “IN lightened” then you will have a crown around your head like the sun. The word crown also sounds like grown having to do with maturity. You will be crowned when you are mature, however when we are babies we are crowned at birth. That is because we have the most knowledge of self as a newborn. “Be like the children, they are the greatest in the Kingdom of God” Jesus said.  Saturn is also known for being the time keeper. In fact, the word time in Greek is chronos. Therefore, getting your crown also requires that you understand time which also means you are to understand what money is. For more understanding about time, I wrote a blog about our contract with time. The Contract Of Time

How we spend our time is how we spend our money. What we spend our money  on is how we create our reality. Where will you be spending your time and money in 2018? Are you ready to step into your God or Goddess self? Although, theoretically you have already been crowned at birth it is up to you to actually realize that in TIME. You are going to have to go through many, many , MANY crownings for you to reach that Self Realization that you are already a sovereign being.

It is especially important for women to understand this because they are the vessels with the responsibility for crowning and “maKING” a King. The word making has the word Ma & King in it showing us that it is the mothers who is the creators and crowners of the Kings. Every woman on the planet needs to have knowledge and understanding of their God self so that they may pass it down to their children. Not only verbally, but within their DNA.  Let us start working toward getting back to the true purpose and goal of the Goddess within. Check out the Self Realization Of A Goddess Event  this Spring & Summer

Crown me bitch!

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