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The Science Of The Womb is the center of the entire Self Realization course. It is a sacred subject and a very much obligatory conversation for spiritual awakening. Because the womb is the magical portal for manifesting life, we can learn about the laws of the universe by studying it. Understanding the science of the womb is life-changing. Knowing and evaluating it can give you the strength and courage to stand confidently in your IAM. It will also help you understand the principles of feminine and masculine energy, wisdom, and knowledge of self.

This class explains:

The benefits of knowing the science of the womb

Why the law of attraction and the universal law is based on the womb

The science of sound  vs silence 

The four seasons of the justice system and the menstrual cycle 

The relationship between the mouth, eye, throat, and the womb

How the womb manifest stories of karma

The relationship between the slaves, womb, & the strawman

The relationship between money and the womb

How semen interacts in the womb