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It takes a certain type of mindset to accept the highest level of responsibility for your mind. But once this mentality is accepted, a change is bound to happen in the psyche. This results in a different way in life that you are creating.

There are many different things that must be taught, accepted, and realized to get through this stage of accepting yourself as a messiah. They are described and learned in this class as:

  • how to acknowledge your addictions
  • how addictions connect  to pain
  • how and why we divert ourselves
  • what remains the cycle of pain going
  • what is a choice and how to make one
  • how to pay yourself in gold
  • what is a savior/messiah
  • how your messiah helps set’s you free
  • understanding your life as a metaphor
  • Exercises and tools  for focusing on self and connecting with the inner savior