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Self Realization is the journey of remembrance of the inner God self. It is to see one’s internal true self by looking at their external false self. Because we wrestle with the false ego, most of us have a really hard time seeing ourselves. Therefore, we need mirrors in the form of other human beings to show us our self. This process is self realization. For more on what Self Realization is please see my blog: What is Self Realization?


This course consists of 13 classes regarding spiritual psychology, spiritual healing, and spiritual maturity. The purpose of the course is to assist women in the maturation process of growing from self victimization to self realization and full self accountability. It is primarily based on the metaphysics of the womb and divine feminine energy. It includes such topics as karma, the law of attraction, contract law, mirroring, and spiritual maturity. Application of this knowledge results in freeing us from mental enslavement.

This course was created for the grand purpose of prompting women to take back their power and for sparking an awakening of the superhero within themselves. You will walk away from this course with the full understanding that you are manifesting not only your current life but your future lives as well. The course includes a PowerPoint presentation for each class, the Self Realization Of A Goddess eBook, and 13 recorded classes totaling approximately 19 hours full of content on such topics as:

  1. How generational curses are passed down via the mind and the womb
  2. The power of sound,words,magic and spells
  3. The role of feminine energy & the subconscious mind in mythology
  4. Learning to mind your business and focus on self
  5. Understanding the metaphysics of the body as the temple of God
  6. The nature of sex as a mirror
  7. How forgiveness frees you from your own prison
  8. How the science of the womb teaches the law of attraction
  9. The contract of the gate keepers and protectors of the womb
  10. How to identify your own immaturity in the mate you choose
  11. How to walk in spiritual maturity
  12. Learning to govern and hold yourself accountable
  13. **Bonus Class** The importance of your natal chart & name

The value of these classes is worth much more than the dollar amount for the class. The classes are life-changing, mind-altering, and combats any type of internal spiritual warfare you may be having within yourself. You’re going to walk away with the mental tools you need to stand confidently in your IAM. Sign up today.

Course Content

How The Course Is Broken Up
Class #13 Bonus Astrology Class