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goddess mythology

Various mythological goddesses are covered in this class. The internal representation of each Goddess is discussed. We also learn how to incorporate the characteristics of each goddess to capitalize off of the energy in which she represents. The goddesses covered in this class are Mother Kalima, Auset aka Isis & The Goddess of Wisdom. I also use a Beyonce video to explain the symbolism of the mother God.

What knowledge will you walk away with by taking this class:

  • Knowing and understanding the primary principles and importance of symbology
  • understanding how secret societies incorporate  the mother principle of universal law
  • how to connect with different goddess and receive downloads of information about it 
  • understanding why the Mother God is kept secret
  • understanding how cognizance of the Mother God grows confidence in self, peace of mind, and freedom
  • An introduction to understanding the Mother God’s justice system, money, and contract law