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The Contract Law & The Womb class is a continuation of the Science Of The Womb class. This class breaks down the contract that women have with the universe as we are gatekeepers of the womb. Overall, this class touches on the bases of why the womb has to be protected and what are we to protect it from.

This class will cover

  • The role of a Doula
  • What is a woman’s contract as a gatekeeper and protector on earth?
  • How contracts are formed
  • The connection between our womb, our universal contract, and our birthright
  • How and why the woman and the womb are in bondage
  • The legal definition of the matrix, mother, and womb
  • An  explanation of a birth certificate
  • An explanation of how a strawman is created
  • An explanation of what is happening in a hospital birth
  • What a baby is before it becomes a fictional character on earth 
  • The role women play in creating slaves
  • The cycle of semen/the sun within the womb
  • A close look at the Egyptian Goddess Nut
  • The woman’s contract to protect