The Final Step Of Self Realization

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The Final Step of Self Realization is total self awareness as well as self accountability. This is the end result of all 11 steps. This class covers: The philosophy of Self Realization How self realization ties into memory How self realization ties into manifestation A metaphysical breakdown of the word realization The one question the […]

Spiritual Maturity

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Spiritual Maturity is a topic that is not talked about too much in mainstream spirituality platforms. A more popular subject like the law of attraction, magic spells, Astro -projection, and astrology are put at the forefront of our spiritual journey. In reality, spiritual maturity should be looked at in the beginning stages of the “awakening” […]

Grown Men Only

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Grown Men Only aka No Pu$$y for Boys is the springboard of the entire Self Realization Of A Goddess course. It is this part of the course which sets in motion the other steps. It has a history going back to 2016. The content of this class started as a women’s movement which promotes self-accountability […]

The Science Of The Womb

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The Science Of The Womb is the center of the entire Self Realization course. It is a sacred subject and a very much obligatory conversation for spiritual awakening. Because the womb is the magical portal for manifesting life, we can learn about the laws of the universe by studying it. Understanding the science of the […]

Contract Law & The Womb

innocent pregnant woman resting on seashore

The Contract Law & The Womb class is a continuation of the Science Of The Womb class. This class breaks down the contract that women have with the universe as we are gatekeepers of the womb. Overall, this class touches on the bases of why the womb has to be protected and what are we […]

The Spirit Of Forgiveness

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Forgiveness can be challenging. Especially for the most severe and grotesque acts. However, holding on to pain interrupts peace within the soul. It lays a very heavy load on the heart which results in negative karma. Lack of forgiveness results in creating your own spiritual debt. This class will help us understand how negative karma […]

The Esoteric Nature Of Sex

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Want to learn more about the spiritual law of mirroring? This class goes deep diving into how we all reflect each other. Being able to grasp this law will help you masculine the agreement between masculine and feminine energy. This also helps us comprehend how the merge between energies is a commercial act. This class […]

Knowing Your Spiritual Body

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Understanding  your temple is knowing that your body is the temple of God. This is a very critical step in the Self Realization process because it gives us the confidence and power to pursue our IAM. It will lessen fear by giving us the understanding that we are one with the universe and we have […]

The Messiah Within

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It takes a certain type of mindset to accept the highest level of responsibility for your mind. But once this mentality is accepted, a change is bound to happen in the psyche. This results in a different way in life that you are creating. There are many different things that must be taught, accepted, and […]

Goddess Mythology

goddess mythology

Various mythological goddesses are covered in this class. The internal representation of each Goddess is discussed. We also learn how to incorporate the characteristics of each goddess to capitalize off of the energy in which she represents. The goddesses covered in this class are Mother Kalima, Auset aka Isis & The Goddess of Wisdom. I also […]