What Is A Metaphysical Minister?

hand holding a plant

This article will give you a glimpse into the world of a metaphysical minister. It will also help you understand what being an ordained Metaphysical Minister entails. Facebook Twitter Pinterest Email I decided to write this article because an online digital magazine called Mystic Mag reached out to me and asked for an interview. I […]


You’ve Been Programmed “I feel stuck”. I hear this a lot. There are many common reasons why you may feel stuck. It is mostly due to the fact that human beings are very much like animals (though we think we are not). We can be trained just like an animal can. We are trained to […]

Is Reincarnation Real

Is Reincarnation Real? Check out the YouTube video if you prefer to listen.   Is reincarnation real? I have been challenged on the concept of reincarnation when I was a devout and zealous Christian. I found myself in my best friends kitchen having a conversation about Jesus. As I stood there at her dining room […]

5 Things You Can Do To Remember Your Dreams

Remember Your Dreams

What Are Dreams? In order for us to understand our dreams we first have to understand what a dream really is. Check out the Word Magic With BlaQ Fire  for a break down of a new word every week. Here is a break down of the word dream. Words And Dreams The name Daniel has “DNA” […]

Jesus Christ: Super Creditor

Singing ***“Jesus is real, I know the Lord is real to me”**. Where is my tambourine? O! I absolutely love that song and I love it even more now that I have some understanding about the purpose of the story of Jesus. Out of all the mythological stories about God I love the story of […]

Crown Me Bitch

black african queen with crown

What must one do to receive a crown? What exactly does one have to achieve to be honored in such a manner worthy of being crowned? Is it merely passed down by Kings and Queens generation to generation? What is the criteria for determining who should be crowned? As always, let us look at this […]

How Does The Devil Tempt Us?

Cartoon devil

The word devil seems to be a word that has the world scared and running. But from what? Are people scared of a devil like they are scared of a boogey man? Are they scared of a devil like they are scared of scary movies? Are they afraid of a devil because it is said […]