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BlaQ Fire is an Ordained Metaphysical Minister. She travels every Spring & Summer teaching the Self Realization Of Goddess Class.

This 4 hour class is an introduction to the full online 19 hour course which ends in a Goddess Retreat. The class covers subjects such as:

  • how genetics pass down generational curses and karma
  • how words cast spells
  • an in depth look at word magic
  • understanding the mythology of the goddess and the womb
  • learning to focus on self
  • healing the heart via forgiveness
  • how we mirror our mates
  • how we attract negative situations into our lives
  • our contract with the universe
  • the esoteric version of contract law and the womb
  • the nature of sex
  • what maturity truly is
  • what self realization truly is
  • how money connects to aligning with our divine purpose and our memory
BlaQ Fire teaching the Self Realization class
Self Realization Class

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