Blaq fire Nation alumni

About BlaQ Fire Nation Alumni

BlaQ Fire Nation Alumni is a community of women who subscribe to the concepts of self realization, self accountability, and the power of the divine feminine.

They have completed the Self Realization of a Goddess course, crowned themselves and declared themselves as Queen of their throne. They have a thorough understanding of the BlaQ Fire Nation mission statement which is “we are the cause and we are the effect”. They have baptized themselves in the full commitment of self realization .

If you would like to inquire about becoming BlaQ Fire Nation Alumni please email 

Owner of I am Living Aligned

Gigi is self realized in Intuitive/Medical Astrology, Life Coaching & Sacred Sexuality.

Her self realized law is a quote by Maya Angelou: People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.   

FlowerChild Yogi

Jamekia is self realized in Restorative Yoga.  She is a self healer, yoga instructor, and holistic influencer creating a ripple affects in the world.

Her self realized law is allowing others around me to self discover and self heal themselves. 

Jamekia Lumsden, Alumni 2019

Owner of Vegan With Curves

Gina is self realized in helping women embrace their unique curves while embracing a plant-based and/or vegan diet.

Gina’s self realized law is start now where you are because the time will pass anyway.

Gina Marie, Alumni 2020

Owner of Vegan With Curves

Owner of EDEN2072.

Noni is self realized in making cool shit for people to wear and use. She is the owner, designer, manufacturer, photographer, curator and everything else under the sun for EDEN2072.

Noni’s self realized law is to love animals, hug
trees and grow her own food.

Noni Crook, Alumni 2019

Owner of Eden2072

owner of aunty's hand made soap

Marcell is Self Realized in formulating natural handcrafted bath & body products using nature’s best organic oils, and herbs for sensitive skin and all skin types. 

Her self realized law is face everything and rise.

Marcell Wood, Alumni 2019

CEO of Aunty's Hand Made Soaps

Deyona Lyf Coach

Deyona is self realized in relationship coaching.

Her self realized law is “Relationships are vital, but the most important relationship, is the one that you have with yourself.”-Coach Dey

Deyona Moore (Coach Dey), Alumni 2018

Owner of L.Y.F Line Coaching &Training

Marla Matime
Marla is self realized in mass media, journalism , and entrepreneurship. She is the creator, producer & curator of The MetaSpiritualist and hosts MetaSpiritual Talk, guided meditations and affirmations, and The MetaSpiritualist Newsletter + Podcast. 

Her self realized law is  remain humble to spirit and spirit will avenge you in times of distress and need. 

Marla A. Matime
Alumni 2021

Owner of MAR.M Artistry & Consulting & The MAR.M Agency LLC

RxForConfidence Life Coachin

Tamika is self realized in
helping women become their best selves through self-love and accountability.

Her self realized law is no one can make you feel inferior without your permission.

Tamika Bishop, Alumni 2019

Owner of RxForConfidence Life Coaching

Inhertherapy Owner

Shannaire is self-realized  in energy healing, customizing herbs for those wanting natural remedies for reproductive issues with the womb & helping people to take back control of their health via advocating a wholistic lifestyle change.

Her self realized law is “Fuck Them Diets, It’s a Lifestyle Change”


Shannaire Ruffin
Alumni 2021

Owner Of InHer Therapy Healing & Wellness

Tahiry Devine Business Info

Tahiry is self realized in womb healing, body awareness, intuitive readings, ceremonial activities, and life coaching.

Her self realized law is I have the power to choose and my choices have shaped and continue to shape my reality. I take ownership of myself and sovereignty. 

Tahiry Devine, Alumni 2021

Owner of
Divinely Kissed LLC


Forever Free

Alumni will forever be invited to the annual Self Realization of a Goddess tour free of charge.

Private Group

Alumni will forever be invited to a private BlaQ Fire Nation online group for further support throughout their self realization journey.


Alumni will forever be offered a minimum 10% discount off any BlaQ Fire Nation product or service.

Website Feature

Alumni will forever be offered space on the BlaQ Fire Nation website to showcase their talents.

Early Bird

Alumni will forever be notified of all BlaQ Fire Nation events, retreats and any new services prior to the public.


Alumni will forever be invited to networking events, webinars classes etc, to further develop their spiritual and/or entrepreneurial journey.