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A Little Bit About Rev. Kimesha

Before we get started, allow me to quickly address what makes me qualified to speak on this subject of ancestral healing and akashic record reading. I am an Ordained Metaphysician, graduate and member of the International Metaphysical Ministry.

I have been teaching & counseling in the field of metaphysical healing for 8 years. I am also an akashic record reader through names, words, letters, and numbers for the past 8 years.

In case you’ve unaware, a metaphysician specializes in knowledge of the universe.  We provide mental tools and exercises that will help you look deeper into yourself in order to awaken the true self, transform yourself, and change genetic patterns.

One of our key roles is to use our knowledge of universal principles to guide in the healing and transformation of others, especially using the tools of self reflection and Self Realization.

What Are Akashic Records?

Akasha, also written as akasa, is a Sanskrit word which means sky, ether, or space. According to http://veda.wikidot.com/akasha, akasha is described as the fifth great element having the specific property of sound. Having the property of sound explains why one would also call it a realm of records. Sound is simply vibrations. Thus, one could describe akashic records as a fifth dimension or plane of the heavens (etheric sky), where all and every vibration exist. This fifth element is mentioned in Demetra George’s book, The Woman’s Dictionary of Symbols & Sacred Objects.

It a star as “the soul of the dead, newly provided with ‘astral’ (starry) bodies made of that mysterious nonexistent star stuff called ether, The Greeks fifth element”. This confirms that we are made up of that etheric, fifth element, star stuff. What we call “ancestral” lineage is also astral lineage or lineage of the stars.

Where Are The Akashic Records Located?

The short answer to this is: within the eternal memory bank of our DNA.

The akashic records exist within the etheric plane of the heavens which is within all things living. This plane of the heavens is not anywhere in “outer space”. Everything that has ever occurred or manifested into a form, whether it be a thought, an emotion or physical experience is stored in the heavens aka the etheric plane. This plane is within all things living. 

The Bible talks a lot about heaven and the Kingdom Of God. It also tells us where this Kingdom is, “Neither shall they say, Lo here! or, lo there! for, behold, the kingdom of God is within you.” Luke 17:21. Therefore, in order to access this sky, we need not go far. Look at the word sky. It is also the word syk or psyche, meaning the mind. We only need to go into the inner space, the darkness, the silence within the forest of the mind. The astral, also known as, the astrological realm is made up of the word of God, which is also the records or infinite memories of all. 

In the Self Realization of a Goddess online course the akashic records are described as God’s eternal memory bank. Because the word akasha also has the word KASH (cash) in it, it is secretly telling us that true money exist within the remembrance of your divinity.

The akashic records are located within our genetics and are secretly passed down via our genealogy. The word knowledge hidden in the word geNEALOGY reveals that there is knowledge of God stored within our cells.

The Akashic Records, The Holy Bible & Ancestral Healing

The Akashic Records, The Holy Bible & Ancestral Healing_, Metaphysical Christianity

The akashic records are an eternal and immortal memory bank. It might also be described as a computer database holding all universal intelligence. It is the energy which never dies. It holds the past, present and future of anything that has ever been thought, felt, imagined or experienced. The book, “The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, calls it “The imperishable records of life”. It is also the domain of Supreme Intelligence. 

In the book, ”Edgar Cayce on the Akashic Records, it is described as “the universe’s computer database”, a “hall of records” and “God’s Book of Remembrance”. Once again, it is a memory bank of the all.

In my blog, Is Metaphysical Christianity New Age BS, I explain how the Bible has much more depth to it than usually perceived. So you might be surprised to hear that the idea of akashic records meshes very well with metaphysical Christianity and the bible. The Holy Bible is an akashic record book. The Bible itself has given us a form of akashic records by telling us about heaven, which is within our heart and mind where the records are stored.

It spends a lot of time breaking down family trees and ancestral lineage. This is because it is showing us that genetic transformation and ancestral healing is needed in order to remember our divinity. Within our genetic memory bank are the stories of our family members working to reconnect with their divinity through trial and error. The Bible tells this same story and gives many examples of it over and over again.

It is also called the HOLY bible because the word holy not only means sacred. It is also describing the symbol of a circle or a hole. It is secretly showing us that life is a story of energy which goes around and comes back again….. Over and over again. When stories, thoughts or emotions come back, that is remembrance. 

If you’ve ever read the bible, then maybe you noticed that it mentions a “book of life” in it several times. This is referring to akashic records. Hidden in the word life is the word file. Files are memories or documents which are stored away for points of reference. This “book of life” might also be called a story of storage of memories.

What Is Ancestral Healing?

By now, you may be wondering what are the 5 ancestral healing techniques that you can use with akashic records. And do you, your family tree, and your ancestral lineage even need healing?

All of your memories from every incarnation, as well as your family is part of the history or within the hisTORAHcal (historical) records of the akasha. The key to ancestral healing is reprogramming one’s DNA. In very simple terms, it is a matter of changing one’s mind and one’s belief system to be in alignment with their own divinity. 

Please do not confuse this with practicing a religion. It is not. It is a metaphysical concept that we can reprogram ourselves by learning new ideas and applying them to our lives on a daily basis. The Self Realization of a Goddess online course teaches one how to recognize genetic and toxic patterns as well as reprogram themselves from the mentality of a victim to one of a creator. 

To heal these bloodlines, first one must be open minded enough to access the memory and intentionally make a change to one’s cosmic vibration. 

Transformation always occurs within the heart. All historical records are always found in the center. Even  in the 3D realm, this concept is illustrated. Usually, all vital record offices, property transfers, and contracts concerning business affairs are found and stored in the center of the city.

Most cities call this place “City Hall”. Anywhere where there is an abundance of records and/or books, there beholds a metaphor for akashic record storage. Family history and the practices that have been taught and passed down from generation to generation are found within the akashic records. 

The center of the city represents the center of the heart or the nucleus of the cells. Akashic record activation has to occur with the heart. Something has to be seen, felt, heard or triggered in ordered to spark a change, awaken a new strand of DNA, and start thinking different. 

What Are The Benefits Of Ancestral Healing?

There is a theory that when one person heals, they heal 7 generations ahead of them.  In the Self Realization Course & Book, it is explained that a mother’s vibration not only impresses upon the current child but also the multitudes of eggs within the unborn child. This is proof that when someone, especially a woman, changes her vibration, she also can shift the vibration of several generations forward.

 When we do not heal or remember our true divine self, the lessons return over and over again. We continue to remember the pain, trauma and unpleasant experiences. 

We will continue to recycle the energy of ancient memories. As that is what karma really is. It is essentially a recycling of energy  (good or bad) which creates or recreates an experience.

But when an individual takes the initiative to learn or unlearn something about their energy that is on repeat in their DNA, they have the potential to heal many generations in the bloodline. An akashic record reading can help with this transformation and remembering of one’s divinity.

What Is An Akashic Record Reading?

In the next section, I am going to explain 5 ancestral healing techniques using akashic records. But first I need to explain what an akashic record reading is. 

An akashic record reading is the ability to read energy regarding one’s life. This can be energy from the past, present or future. The energy may be associated with lessons learned or what needs to be learned.

Other energy, such as divine gifts and purpose in life can also be picked up. Also, energy that has been passed down or will be passed down to or from other family members can also be read or seen by a reader.

I would not say that an akashic record reading is exactly the same as reading a past life or predicting the future. It is more about picking up on energy or memories that is being repeated in this current life because it was transferred from other lives or because it is embedded in one’s energetic make up (especially in their name, birth date, and even astrological chart).

This energy may need to be healed or reprogrammed due to something that needs to occur for a future event. It may also need to be enhanced for the same reason i.e. if it is a forgotten gift which is buried within their DNA.

Most readings are done by someone who is usually highly sensitive to words, visions, feeling, or vibrations. Akashic record readings are no different.

An akashic record reader might “open the akashic records” by reciting a particular prayer which ask permission to be able to “see” the records along with the permission of the person who is requesting the reading. 

Sometimes a reader will also ask for family members and loved ones of the client to assist them in “seeing” what needs to be brought to the surface for healing. A reading can include asking the records questions, and allowing intuition in guiding us in our hearing from within.

A reader may also use a form a meditation to help guide a client into a relaxed state, say a prayer, ask to open the records and then proceed to ask questions and allow the answers to flow in. This is allowing energetic and intellectual intuition to flow between the reader and the client.

Meaning, they are using each other’s energy to read the records. When working in the records, we have agreed to go into the space of oneness.

Therefore, if a thought is expressed and the feeling behind the thought is felt on both ends, this serves as confirmation for the reading. The feeling can be in any of the major chakra centers withing the body, but especially the heart. 

I am Ordained Metaphysician, and I also am an akashic record reader. I am able to see and hear the esoteric meaning in words, tones, names, shapes, letters and numbers. I also have the gift of hearing aka clairaudience.

The energy that I am reading is through the tone of sounds and vibrations within words. One of the first things I did with this information is wrote a book about it, Get the book here, Exposing The Mystery Within Your Names

Through this gift, I was able to figure out why I manifested the experiences I did as well as learning about my own divine purpose in this life. I was also able to gather a deep understanding of universal laws and principles simply by reading the records around me.

Because I know that everything in this fictional 3D realm is all memory of the ONE creation story, I read EVERY THING like an akashic reading. When I look at words, names, shapes and letters I do not see the mundane and surface aspect of it. I see God’s story. Akashic records is your divine guidance if you are open to receive it. 

I have used this gift to read hundred’s of akashic records within peoples names and birth dates. You can book a reading here: Book Akashic Record Reading With Rev. Kimesha

What Are Some Ancestral Healing Techniques Using Akashic Record Reading?

Ancestral Healing Techniques Using Akashic Record Reading

1. Akashic Record Reading of Words & Name

Ancestral healing through reading words, names, letters and numbers is my specialty. The Woman’s Dictionary of Symbols & Sacred Objects says “All letters were originally sacred symbols-the literal meaning of hieroglyphs.”  Letters are sacred geometric symbols, meaning they exist as a vibration in the ether, which is the portal of creative energy.

I believe it is my divine gift to be able to read in between what is seen. However, I also believe that anyone can do it when they pay close attention to what they hear and see.

 Everything around you is simply a manifested experience of the etheric energy which is within you, therefore akashic records can always be read simply by reading everything as if it is part of the divine creation story. What you see, feel, hear, smell and even taste is a manifestation of the akashic records. This true because it is within the divine law of “as within, so without”. All things that exist in physical form also exist in the “in visible” energetic form. What you see in the physical realm has a word or name attached to it. Therefore, it can be read and is one with all creative energy.

You can read what is happening in your life and the instructions you are being given by being attentive to words, names and numbers. When people say things to you, it is possible that they are gifting you a message or a reminder from the etheric realm. Or they may be giving you instructions for your healing process and ascension.

 These messages can also come from actual words and numbers that you see around you. If you keep seeing or hearing the same word (or number), there is a message for you.

You are always reading. Your life is a story book. I teach my students how to read and interpret these things in the Self Realization of a Goddess course within the section called “Decoding The Messiah Within”.

2. Akashic Record Reading via Journaling

If you are not journaling regularly you are missing out on opportunities to read your own records. Understand that we exist in a dream realm. The dream that you are having in this waking life is also coded in signs, symbols, parables, and metaphors. The things that you say and write to yourself can also be read and reflected back to you as if you are reading a hidden script.

Consider that when journaling, you are not simply writing out your thoughts. You are actually drawing symbols. To draw means to pull. And if you are drawing then you are pulling thoughts from the ancient etheric memory bank account and impressing them upon the page.

There are 2 ways you can heal through journaling and reading akashic records.

The 1st way is to go back and read your journal entries. Re-listen to what you wrote and ask to hear it in a new way. This is no different than reading an old scripture, and gaining a new perspective from it, although you may have read it 100 times. Ask your angel guides for a better interpretation of what you wrote. The key to this is to be open to receive and trust divine intuition.

Here’s an example of when I did this.

In one of my journal entries, I documented what I did to celebrate the new year of 2018. I shred a bunch of old bills and stacks of papers that I had in my office for years. When I went back and read the journal entry, I literally wrote “No more keeping old bills”. When I reread it, the words read differently this time.

I asked the records what was the true meaning of doing that. I heard “because I was holding on to a lot of old debt and old stories. It was time to shred and release them.”

My life literally changed dramatically after that. I left my 22 year career in August of 2018 to pursue my career as a full time metaphysician.

The 2nd way to use journaling for ancestral healing is to pull messages from the silence as you write. However, there are other ways to enhance this “silent” experience. You may hear things going on outside and around you as you write.

Perhaps go to a park or even on your porch. Anywhere where you can hear other people speaking. Write your question or thoughts down and then listen for the divine to dialog with you. The story within the akashic records are unfolding even right now. Therefore, listen for the story being told within you and all around you.

 The key is to listen and write down what you hear. Whether that be inside or outside, it’s all connected and it’s all one. Your journal is an akashic record. Treat it like one.


3. Akashic Record Affirmations (Customized)

Affirmations are great and very impressive on the psyche, but only if you feel them when you say them. This is why it is suggested that you keep repeating them even if you do not believe it. Because each time you repeat it, there is an opportunity for you to mean it and feel it. In the words of the great Rev. Ike, ”Feeling get’s the blessing”.

Because akashic records can be read through names and numbers associated with your story, you can take parts of the name and numbers and created customized affirmations. For example, I have done an akashic record reading for many people with the name Angela or Angelica. This is a very common name, however it does suggest that someone with this name carries the energy of an angel and their divine assignment is to be a messenger for God.

Therefore, they can affirm “I am a divine messenger for God”. They can speak it with confidence and feeling because it really is their assignment and the name of their life story. I teach my students and mentees that they came to earth with customized affirmations in their name. Using them is your super power.

For more understanding on this, grab the Exposing The Mysteries Within Your Name” book or schedule an Akashic Record Name Reading. 

4. Akashic Records Prayers & Questions

To get answers about your records, you should be asking questions all the time. In religion, this is called prayer. The word pray is interchangeable with the words seek and ask.

Some books or other akashic record readers suggest that you have to speak a certain magical prayer to receive answers. I do not believe that at all. You are simply asking to tap into the infinite Intelligence of the divine. There is no gate keeping or specific way you need to ask a question. 

Even the Bible says that God can read us even without words. “We do not know what we ought to pray for, but the Spirit himself intercedes for us through wordless groans.” Romans 8:26.

 However, there are particular questions that you should be certain to ask. You can ask questions about anything you want but your main focus should be about yourself. This includes asking about the past, the future or the present. 

Here are some akashic record questions I suggest you ask, as these are the questions I asked to help me heal the ancestral trauma of childhood abandonment and other negative thought patterns that I wrestled with over the course of my life. These questions are good for when you are in mental anguish, and/or when you are feeling discouraged, depressed, anxious (worried), or doubt.

Why Do I Care so deeply about this? What Is This Life Teaching Me About Me? What is this experience showing me about myself? Who Am I? What am I here to learn? What am I really afraid of? Why?

Ask the why question several times to really get to the root of the answer and leave yourself open for complete honesty with self. Intuitive answers are received best when one is vulnerable with themself. 

5. Accessing Akashic Records via Dreams

Out of all 5 of these ancestral healing techniques, I believe that accessing akashic records through dreams is the most powerful way to go about it.

Communication through dreams is my favorite way to access akashic records because it is the most clear and direct. Remember that akashic records are stored in our DNA. Therefore, the only thing we need to do is ask about ourselves and we will receive an answer. This is why the Bible says “Ask and you shall receive”. Matthew 7:7

If you want to get answers about your ancestral lineage and healing, then ask questions about your current life, past life, or even future self before sleeping. I have done this numerous times and it works for me about 70% of the time (which is why it’s my favorite). 

If you already have a hard time remembering your dreams, read this article: 5 Things You Can Do To Remember Your Dreams.

A strong example of when I’ve done this is during a time when my daughter and I were having a lot of issues in our relationship. We had stopped speaking for a while and I prayed and asked for help. I wanted to know what had led up to this.

I had a dream on the 4th of July (a metaphor for Freedom) which showed that I had been physically abusive to her in a past life. I only knew it was from a past life because I literally mumbled it upon awakening from the dream. 

Spirit had allowed me to see a past life energy that still lingered between us. Although I had never physically abused her in this present life, the energy of being emotionally unavailable was still there.

There is no magical formula, or sacred words you need to say to access the etheric realm through your dreams. You just have to be open to receive.

Conclusion: Akashic Record Reading Leads To Ancestral Healing & Knowledge Of Self

Healing the negative impact of ancestral karma is no easy task.  Lack of knowledge of self is the root to all disease. The universal akashic records is at work inside of each individual to help us remember our true form in spirit. Ancestral lineage healing is an inside process and it can resolve pain from inter-generational trauma  & dramatic experiences that have been passed down through our blood. 

Healing is not simply making pain go away. Healing is putting the pieces of the mind and soul back into remembrance of one’s divinity. For true healing to occur, you are going to have to go into your own spiritual memory bank.

This all begins with being open to truly seeing yourself. Opening yourself to receive is the first step within the Self Realization of a Goddess Course.


I’m blown away! It’s amazing how Rev. Kimesha listens to the unspoken and spoken words that are said which will help you to figure yourself out! Not even realizing WHY the issue existed turned into me understanding that I wasn’t the one who created the issue but it was passed to me through communication when I was an infant! Dang! This has been an Extremely paramount session that started me on a path to Proper Healing!
Nakisha Greene​
Akashic Record Reading Review

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