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Self Realization Of A Goddess

Self Realization Of A Goddess Course

12 Steps To Awakening Your Inner Hero + Bonus Astrology Class

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Opening The Mind

How The Womb & The Mind Mirror Each Other

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Word Magic

How Words & Magic Work For You Or Against You

goddess mythology

Goddess Mythology

How Knowledge Of Divine Feminine Is The Key To Understanding The Occult

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The Messiah Within

How To Be Your Own Messiah

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Knowing Your Spiritual Body

The Importance Of Remembering Where You Live

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The Esoteric Nature Of Sex

How Your Sexual Partners Mirror You

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The Spirit Of Forgiveness

How Forgiveness Relieves Karma

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Contract Law & The Womb

The Duties Of Women As Gate Keepers

innocent pregnant woman resting on seashore

The Science Of The Womb

How The Womb Teaches The Law Of Attraction

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Grown Men Only

What Women Can Learn From Men

female warrior

Spiritual Maturity

How To Monitor Your Spiritual Maturity

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The Final Step Of Self Realization

How Self Realization & Self Accountability Manifest Your Reality