BlaQ Fire Nation Self Realization

BlaQ Fire,
Ordained metaphysical Minister

Who is BlaQ Fire?

BlaQ Fire is an Ordained Metaphysical Minister and graduate of  University of Metaphysics. Likewise, she is a  teacher of self realization and metaphysics since 2013.  In addition , she is an expert in the mystical power of  words, feminine energy, etymology, numerology, and phonology. She is also a Cosmic Birth Doula

Who Is BlaQ Fire Nation For?

It is primarily for women who are interested in creating an experience of mental freedom and realizing their true self . We focus especially on giving  guidance, understanding & remembrance to the hidden and feminine aspect of God.  Therefore, it will work well for women who desire spiritual healing through the esoteric scienceof the womb. We promote that women have a natural birth right to practice self love, self care, self realization, self accountability and most importantly the all encompassing philosophy of knowledge of self.

What Is The Self Realization Of A Goddess Course?

BlaQ Fire is the creator of a 13 step curriculum known as Self Realization Of A Goddess. The course is based on an interactive journal which can assist you through your self realization journey. The main mission of this curriculum is to help women expand their awareness of divine feminine energy, universal laws and principles based on the science  the womb. By studying the womb we are able to grasp the law of attraction, karma, and the stages of spiritual growth. Therefore, our overall goal is to assist in the rebirth of the super hero within.

How Can BlaQ Fire Help You?

BlaQ Fire has helped hundreds of people have a deeper level of understanding of themselves by getting to their root issues through metaphysical name & number interpretations, spiritual counseling, and the Self Realization Of A Goddess curriculum. To recieve daily post and classes please join the BlaQ Fire Nation Patreon group.

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Self Realization Course Testimonials

Check out what some of the Self Realization students had to say about the impact of the course.

Deyona Moore

" The Self Realization of a Goddess training has changed my life. It has showed me how powerful I am and how powerful my I AM is! As women, we go through so much in life that depletes us and tears us down to where we began to feel less than. After spending time with Blaqfire I learned how to mind my own business! And that is to govern my own mind by paying attention to what I think and say because I am The creator of my Life! "

Latisha Buford

"Self Realization of a Goddess Retreat by BlaQ Fire was truly on Fire! This spiritual journey to discovering Self was beyond rewarding. My self-awareness was broadened, Inner being was enlightened and I was empowered to define and honor my Law of I AM. I released blocks, limiting beliefs and negative energies to allow space to create with intention and receive abundantly. BlaQ Fire is passionate about the work she does. It’s humbling and beautiful to see how excited she is about her expansion and growth as well as the evolvement of her students."

Chantelle Douglas

"Self Realization Of A Goddess allowed me to be truthful with myself on the role I played in all parts of my life, negative and positive. The course not only pointed out karmic ties, but it also gave me steps on how to work through it, forgive myself and heal. When I left the work began. Self Realization Of A Goddess opened the door for life altering events to occur in my life in a healthy manner. I feel more in control of my life after learning my I AM, my purpose, the fact that I am energy and I attract what I desire."

BlaQ Fire Nation Mission Statement

Our Mission is to protect our birth right to walk in truth with self and truth with others. Our goal is to spread love, heal and know ourselves. We work for truth, faith and self realization of God, I am. We are the cause. We are the effect. We are darkness. We are light. We are BlaQ Fire Nation.

John 8:32