A Perfect Love

Over the past few weeks….. no actually over the past few years I have learned a lot about love. But these last few weeks have given me the height of my greatest understanding thus far. I can actually pinpoint the exact date I had the greatest AHA! moment about love. It was on 3/1/18. Because of the joy it gave me,  I want to share it with you.

The revelation I was given about love will resolve many of our issues but only if we can conquer one thing, FEAR OF IAM. Conquering fear is the key to peace of mind
and  love is peace of mind. To seek peace is to seek love. The Bible says ” “Finally, brethren, farewell. Be perfect, be of good comfort, be of one mind, live in peace; and the God of love and peace shall be with you. 2 Corinth 13:11.  Sometimes, to get an understanding of peace there must be war. Here’s the story of how I uncovered what love is for ME.

So there’s a guy……(isn’t that always how a good story starts?)……… that is a very special person to me. He showed me patience, friendship, gentleness, thoughtfulness and much more during a time when I was very hurt. I mean, I was so tired of men that I was at a point where I actually considered just checking into a convent, becoming a NUN & calling it quits on relationships altogether. He was exactly what I needed at the exact time I needed it. He wanted nothing from me but to simply talk to me & be in my presence. He was content with that. That was different, very different, for me. I asked him to be my friend & he did exactly that with absolutely no pressure for anything else. Fast forward……. we became very close. . We realized that we were very much alike. Even our natal charts were very similar not to mention we are polar opposites. In the beginning I thought this was “cute”. Ummmm…. moving along…. LOL!

My Natal Chart


His Natal Chart


Eventually, we agreed to be in a committed relationship. Even with this realization that we were very much alike we still did not TRULY acknowledge that we were very much alike. Meaning that, even in the midst of our disagreements we still did not accept that our disagreements were rooted in the same issues, FEAR. It was not until I really studied the mirror within myself that I was able to see that our arguments, and that EVERY argument with anyone is always and only about ONE thing. That one thing is your “I AM”. Whenever we get into arguments & disagreements with anyone it is usually happening because you’re either trying to force your IAM on someone OR you have doubt about your own IAM and you are trying to defend it. I did a whole sermon on this. Check out my online church Evangelical Church Of Christ.

Let’s fast forward once again. We broke up. Our beliefs about God were & still are continuously being molded. We were having more & more disagreements. Being that my entire business, BlaQ Fire Nation, is rooted in understanding what God is this became a problem. So yea….. we agreed that it was best that we go our separate ways. But hey….. how much can two people actually stay away from each other when they are each other’s key for evolution of the soul. O yes….. there are people that come into your path for the exact purpose of maturing your soul. However, I believe that there is only ONE that helps you get that MASTER KEY. That MASTER KEY is the key to peace of mind. I am not saying they give you the key. I am saying that they help you see that you already have it. Some people may call them you’re twin flame.

The word twin is also the word nite & the word flame has the word female & male right in it.  What this shows us is that you’re twin flame is like the perfect shadow (dark) version of you. They are the opposing masculine or feminine energy of the passion within your subconscious self. They are everything you have hidden in your subconscious mind. And this is why there’s a big war between you! Whew! How is this different from a soul mate? How is this different from anyone who is in your path and playing the role of your mirror? Because you & your twin…… you have a great purpose when you come together. If you research “ascended masters and twin flames” you will find more on this subject. You have a contract to fulfill that is much bigger than you simply learning a lesson from them. Many soul mates come along to teach you lessons to assist you along this path. These people are like the lessons on your way to the grand lesson that only your twin can give you. I think your twin can only step into your path when you are ready to see the BIG picture. This person comes when you are fully ready to see YOU. They come when you are fully ready to understand YOU. They can only do this because you called them and they are your PERFECT REFLECTION. You came here with them in a single light.

Source: Kabbalah, Key To Your Inner Power by Elizabeth Clare Prophet

ok…. back to me. Do I think I’ve met my twin? Yes! For many reasons I do not have time to get into. But what happened next in the story helped solidify his purpose in my life. So let’s fast forward again. We’re friends again. But of course, I have questions within myself so I pull my old trusty cards out & I asked “What do i do with him”? Here’s the card!



Hmmm! OMG! What is this? and why? Well, I got my answer about 2 days later. I was at work, driving down the street minding my own business. I kept thinking about him & thinking about the card & wondering what it meant. Then it slapped me dead in the face. I said “Love is self realization”. How did I reach that conclusion? Because the main thing that keeps up apart is our difference in beliefs about God (which is actually not really different because all things are the same only APPEARING different). So while I am thinking about our differences I realized that it’s best that I allow him to see things as he pleases. Then I realized that I have this whole tour coming up called “SELF REALIZATION OF A GODDESS” (Click Here to learn about this class.) and that’s when it slapped me in the face! This is how I am supposed to love him! I am supposed to allow him to have his own self realization about God. He is my teacher of allowing other to have self realization! He is here to teach me how to teach. A true teacher allows others to come to their own realizations. This is actually what “God” does ANYWAY! I started thinking about it more and more so much that I started to cry because I felt like I had literally unlocked something in my brain or maybe even a chakra that opened my heart. My inside voice said “God grants us the freedom to have self realization therefore we should extend this freedom to others”. This is love. Love is to be free. This is the freedom to be exactly who you are. This is allowing another being to exist in their own “IAM” without you taking your “IAM” & trying to shove it down their throat. I would mention to him all the time how much alike we are, but I never thought about how I don’t want anyone trying to forcefully change me. Therefore,why would I want to do that to someone else!? That is not love. That is fear of love. That is fear of someone else’s IAM. This is why I said it is necessary to conquer fear of “IAM”.   Why are we scared of what someone else says their “Iam” is? Is it because we fear they may influence ours? If that is so, then that means you don’t have as much faith in it as you say you do. So again, what are we afraid of? Mostly being our self. We are afraid of being ashamed, embarrassed and feelings of guilt. This all interrupts peace of mind. We are doing this no one but our self. I am here to tell you that you are at war with nothing except your own IAM!

Guess who comes to show you that? YOUR TWIN!  That is why I said they will only come at the time that you invited them and when you are ready to see yourself. This means you somehow asked to be revealed the truth about God. What you did not know is that you were really asking to be revealed the truth about YOU! Because you are what God is wrapped in a human body. When your twin comes they will be helping you see what TRUE LOVE is. They will be helping you understand how to love yourself, which is only a reflection of how you love them. You most certainly will not be able to recognize your twin if you cannot recognize yourself. You are perfect, whole and complete. This person did not come to complete you but instead came to show you that you are ALREADY complete. That is why they are your PERFECT LOVE.

This story is to be continued……… (** Cues dramatic music**)




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