Finding Freedom In Metaphysics

A metaphysician specializes in knowledge of the universe. One of their key roles is to use their knowledge to assist in the healing of others, especially using the tools of self reflection and Self Realization.

Self reflection takes a lot of mental energy and internal work. It can be very rewarding when you can finally get to the root of your pain and apply a solution. Unfortunately, this work is usually avoided because it is much easier to place blame on someone else for how we feel or whatever circumstance we find ourselves in. I noticed that avoiding a confrontation with ourselves is a major deterrent when it comes to healing. That is why I offer the Free Ebook Self Realization Of A Goddess.  It provides 12 steps to mental freedom.

Freedom comes by way of unlocking your mind. How do you do that? By asking questions. Have you ever been asked “Why did you do that?”, and the first 3 words of your response was “because he or she”? Have you ever heard yourself say, “Well, I only feel that way because he, she, or they”…. blah, blah, blah? This is very common, so please don’t feel ashamed or embarrassed about this. It takes some serious self mastery to accept that everything you are feeling and doing is because of you. This is a very heavy concept to grasp and it comes with much accountability and responsibility. However, that is the price of freedom from mental anguish. One must accept that they are very much free and that freedom is the gift that the universe has given us.

We are free to think, feel and do whatever we want. There will be a response to all of these these things but we most certainly have the free will to “do as thou wilt”. The problem is that we have forgotten that we are making choices every second according to what we think and feel. We are constantly choosing our thoughts which trigger our emotions.

Lack Of Knowledge Of Self Is The Root To All Disease

Lack of knowledge of how the mind operates is the common culprit. In fact, this is our only crime according to universal law. Not paying attention to our own self is what causes death. Not death, as in the physical body decaying, but death, meaning to forget. If we do not give attention to our self, then we most certainly will forget the laws and rules which exist within our own mind and bodies.

Therefore, it is because of this lack of knowledge that we suffer greatly. We create all types of mental and even physical ailments due to not understanding the psychology of self. Many people have no idea about the chemicals in their own body. Most people, besides doctors, do not take the time to study what makes toxic chemicals release into the blood stream from the start. Furthermore, most doctors are going to treat the surface issue without helping you find out what is truly triggering the the disease or the “dis ease”. There is something disturbing your peace which is causing a domino effect in other areas of your life. The “dis ease” is usually unseen and is buried deep down in the depth of the subconscious. The “dis ease” is hidden in the truth and the truth is in the root of your cells. For true healing to occur, you are going to have to go into your own memory.

Here’s another issue. We have a skewed perception about what a doctor actually is. The etymology of doctor says that it is a religious teacher. That would be someone who teaches about God or the universe. A doctor is also called a medical professional. That is someone who works in the field of healing. This person may also be called a physician. It is pretty obvious that the word physician has the word physics as the root word. That suggest that a true physician knows, understands and may even be a teacher energy.

My goal is not to take away any credibility of any doctor or medical professional. My goal is to bring awareness to another type of physician, a Meta- Physician. A Meta-Physician is one who has knowledge of energy and the laws of the universe within the body. They may be well versed in various subjects pertaining to theology in general. The etymology of metaphysician describes it as “one who practices the mind-cure”. As you can see, a metaphysician is also a particular type of mental healer.

What Is True Healing?

Most metaphysicians know that they cannot actually heal anyone. It is the universe at work inside of each individual. Healing is an inside process and it can resolve pain. However, true healing is to remember that you are one with the source. That is the only thing that can actually cure you. This idea of oneness has to be accepted at the subconscious level. This taught all throughout the Self Realization Full Course. When you accept this on a cellular level, the true self remembers that it is already whole, perfect and complete. What a metaphysician does is provide mental tools and exercises that will help you self reflect in order to reach your own healing and self realization of oneness. The best natural self reflecting tool that you already have within your reach is to ask your self questions.

This list I am about to give you is going to help you turn your thoughts around very swiftly. It is best to use a journal for this exercise so that you will not forgot how you have already answered these questions. This way, when the situation arises again, you can visit your journal and start the self reflection with your thoughts from the previous situation.

These 5 questions are going to push your thoughts back to the center, which is within self. The best time to use these questions is when you catch yourself placing blame outside of self, when you are in mental anguish, and/or when you are feeling discouraged, depressed, anxious (worried), or doubt.

Why Do I Care?

Most times we allow things to bother us that actually have nothing to do with us. However,the fact that we care about it so deeply actually reveals that it does have to do with us. If you are talking about it and thinking about it then you care. Now, you have to ask yourself why. FYI if your answer is still pointing to something external, then you still have not dug deep enough. Ask why several times if need be.

What Does This Have To Do With Me?

Again, concerning ourselves with things that do not directly effect us is very revealing. Asking yourself this question is either going to push you to let go of the situation or dig deeper into your “why’s”.

What Is This Teaching Me About Me?

Every situation that appears adversarial is teaching you something about yourself. If it triggered you or upset you, it is highly likely that your teacher has appeared in the form of an adversary. Usually, the lesson has to do with fear, doubt or insecurity. So, it is very much normal to be triggered. However, if you do not get the lesson, your adversary/teacher will continue to show up in different forms.

What Is Happening Now?

This is a great question to ask when you are dealing with anxiety and in fear about a future event. We have a tendency to start making things up that has not even occurred. Then, we find ourselves responding to an imaginary scenario. Sometimes we dwell on the past too much and that will also send our thoughts drifting.  If you catch yourself doing this, swiftly acknowledge that it’s not happening now. Tell yourself what is happening now. Describe it thoroughly if you need to. This will help you bring your mind back to the center of NOW.

Who Am I?

This is a simple question but it is probably one of the most powerful questions you can ask yourself. This question is in alignment with knowing yourself and can be applied when you are dealing with doubt or fear. The only issue is that, you have to answer it correctly. Now, according to universal law, you are always right. Therefore, you have the right to claim to be whoever or whatever you chose. But I will make a suggestion on how you should answer this with the truth according to universal law. The truth is that you are “I am” manifested in flesh. That is it and that is all. By acknowledging that you are “I am”, you acknowledge that you are all things and therefore you are connected to all things and lack nothing. This helps you remember that you are whole. Remind yourself about your divine connection with the source when worry, fear or doubt rears it’s ugly head.

I have an entire list of self reflecting questions that I apply to myself and also in my Self Realization Sessions. 

I’m blown away! It’s amazing how BlaQ Fire listening to the unspoken and spoken words that are said which will help you to figure yourself out! Not even realizing WHY the issue existed turned into me understanding that I wasn’t the one who created the issue but it was passed to me through communication when I was an infant! Dang! This has been an Extremely paramount session that started me on a path to Proper Healing!
Nakisha Greene
Self Realization Session Review

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