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True money is in the memory bank which is in the center of your cells. The center of your cells is where your heart is. It is where your treasure is. 

~Self Realization Of A Goddess Interactive Journal~

Rev. BlaQ Fire

Ordained metaphysical minister

The Self Realization Of A Goddess handbook is an interactive journal that coincides with the 13-week online course. This book is a roadmap through 13 steps of spiritual maturity and includes multiple self-development exercises along the way. The 13 steps are broken into the 4 seasons of fall, winter, spring and summer.

From fall to summer you will be initiated through the process of self-realization until you reach the final stage of identifying your individual “I Am”. Once you reach the goal of “I am”, you will then be prompted to create a contract with yourself. This contract holds you accountable to be who you claim to be at all times.

The Self Realization of a Goddess handbook is perfect for keeping a small reminder of who you are in your pocketbook at all times.

It is also a great alternative for the online course. Start your self-realization journey today.


13 online courses taking you from self victimization to self realization.


Name Interpretations, Spiritual Counseling, Community Services, Book BlaQ Fire


A treasure full of jewels covering many metaphysical topics to help you in your spiritual journey.


Exclusive daily content, videos, and classes on universal law, and metaphysical Christianity.

The Self Realization of a Goddess course is an empowerment school for women who are ready to go through the mental process of spiritual maturity and create the life they truly desire. Choose the entire course or individual classes pertaining to your needs. 

Event: Self Realization of a Goddess 2021 Class

The Self Realization of a Goddess class is a mini version of the online course. 

It is a 4 hour class that BlaQ Fire travels and teaches annually. It includes subjects such as word magic, the divine feminine, spiritual law, karma, forgiveness, the forgotten science of the womb, spiritual maturity and much more. 

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