BlaQ Fire Nation is an online & offline community for empowering women to create their dream life and slay dragons along the way. 

BlaQ Fire Nation helps you remember your Goddess self.

It starts as a whisper. It’s so gentle that even though you hear it, you’re not sure it was there at all. It slowly grows into a voice and a presence that can’t be ignored. That presence is your guide. You can call it your intuition, your gut feeling, or your inner voice — but it’s always there for us, guiding us in our journey through life. The goal: to lead us towards self realization of a goddess.

And then we have the “other” voice. This is the voice that tells us that we are not good enough, it dwells on the past, and consistently nags us about the future. This is the voice of the dragon and it needs to be subdued and slayed.

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